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    Wretch & Claw Ace Detectives

    I would love to do eventing and mapping. I have MV and Ace so no problem.
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    A Kingdom by the Sea Recruitment

    I would like to be a game cover artist 
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    Messed Up Generator

    Hm, try installing on a different directory and copy the generator files to KADOKAWA\RPGMakerMV then just uninstall the other one?
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    Artist looking to work for you! And expand her portfolio!

    Please contact me at azure.habbz, if your interested.
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    The game keep close on android phone

    Hm, can you tell me your phone specs?
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    Auto Battle Plugin

    Thank you so much! I might use these for my future projects!
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    "I will love you till sickness and death,"

    "I will love you till sickness and death,"
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    RMMV Trial

    It's normal to have an application with the size of 400MB, take note that other game making engines require 1 GB hard disk space or more.
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    RMMV Trial

    The reason for RMMV having a large file is because of the RTP being built in, I'm pretty sure it's worth the space. 
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    No auto arrange for sideview?

    Oh, must be from the Pre - Order bonus. 
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    @Dreadshadow Congratulations, you just won the internet!

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