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    Avy's Icon Workshop [new wind icons]

    Uhh hey. I have a request, if you don't mind? I want a leather jacket icon, with no background. And I want it to look like this:
  2. King Galaxian

    Audio Lag Fix

    Uhh I know this may sound stupid...but... I'm using a neighbors internet (with their permission) but it's at&t and they're having problems. I can't connect to any site that doesn't have "https" in the url. That having been said, is there any way you could pm me with the .js attached to the...
  3. King Galaxian

    Music available for free

    No problem, I meant every word.
  4. King Galaxian

    Music available for free

    There's a website where they offer free music for use in rpg's that I always thought had the best music, hands down. And yet, I've been taken completely off guard here. You're music is just as good as theirs, if not better. I've gotta say, if you keep making rpg music that's as good as this, I...
  5. King Galaxian

    Avy's MV Stuff

    I made an edit of your ogre sprite and face. I thought you might like it. <---Removed by mod, as posting edits are against Avery's terms---> I made this edit to match a golem battler that someone on Tsukmate made from the one of the default earth battle animations. You can see the golem...
  6. King Galaxian

    Watercolor character portraits and faces

    You are seriously talented! I mean seriously talented. SERIOUSLY!
  7. King Galaxian

    Iceberg Bridge Over Water Charset MV

    It's in a local map, like a town or a dungeon, not overworld. And it's oriented North and South.
  8. King Galaxian

    Strawberry Creations

    Really impressive tiles! I can hardly wait to see more from you! :D
  9. King Galaxian

    Iceberg Bridge Over Water Charset MV

    Hey, I have a rather unique request. You see, I have an idea for the storyline in an rpg I've been working on for years. My character has the ability to control ice, and to form it by force of will. He needs to get into a castle to take on his evil adversary, but the only way to get to the...
  10. King Galaxian

    Avy's MV Stuff

    Happy Birthday Avery Awesomesauce! You are awesome!
  11. King Galaxian

    Cherubia's MV Resources

    Wow, great job on the tiles!
  12. King Galaxian

    Tall character templates UPDATE 10/10

    If you can perfect these templates, and either convert the generator clothing yourself or get someone else to convert it to match this template, you could actually make a better character generator for mv! I would gladly use an mv character generator based off of these templates rather than the...
  13. King Galaxian

    Business Suit Icon For MV

    thanks! I really appreciate it!
  14. King Galaxian

    Business Suit Icon For MV

    I need a business suit icon for rpg maker mv, as the title implies. Just an ordinary suit and tie. If there's already one out there, could someone link me to it? I want it in with a transparent background, and in full color, like the icons for most of the older rpg makers were. And I need it to...

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