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    Pixelling food. Christmas effect? Haha.

    Pixelling food. Christmas effect? Haha.
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    In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.

    In war, victory. In peace, vigilance. In death, sacrifice.
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    Change water tiles cycle animation

    Hi, everyone! Being straight, is there a way to change the water tiles animation to 1-2-3-1-2-3 instead of 1-2-3-2-1? I've searching in rpg_core, in ShaderTilemap class, but didn't any progress.
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    How to make menu body color nontransparent?

    Plugin rpg_windows, line 62 or search for standardBackOpacity function. The default value is 192, change to 255. Or, preferencialy, create a plugin to make this change, otherwise, when update these plugins you'll lose this modification.
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    How open and move DevTools window?

    I tried use here, but the move is moving the appWindow and focus working only when DevTools already open. I thought there was a corresponding code in this new NW.js. Well, isn't worth it take time just to keep this... crutch, I'll survive without this, haha. Thanks for answer, Jonforum.
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    How open and move DevTools window?

    Hi, everybody! I had the following code working until the last RPG Maker MV version (ignores Portuguese comments and strings). var cons_pos_x = 1150; // Posicao X var cons_pos_y = 180; // Posicao Y var cons_tam_x = 716; // Tamanho X, 716 é o padrão var cons_tam_y = 539; // Tamanho Y, 539 é o...
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    Simplified Item Menu

    This? This plugin overwrites the default Scene_Item and changes Window_ItemList columns number, so also affecting the item's window on Scene_Equip. I don't know what this Yanfly's plugin does, but this 'simple scene items' still being Scene_Item.
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    Can't change default font through gamefont.css

    Convert the font to .otf format e test again, changing gamefont.css file.
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    This is a peculiar genetic inheritance, haha. Welcome @[110365:@W.D_Gaster]

    This is a peculiar genetic inheritance, haha. Welcome @[110365:@W.D_Gaster]
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    Item Level Plug In, if you please

    Yes, you do. I've updated the plugin. Check it again.
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    Item Level Plug In, if you please

    Something like this? Read the help, case you decide use.
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    checking if event facing player

    See if this works for you. Read plugin help before.
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    Set the Menu available/unavailable

    Through a event command on third tab of event commands you may enable or disable menu access.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 9

    @Weremole I saw some screens with tiles in this style on Deviantart and really enjoyed. Lovely tiles and beutiful map. Of course doesn't look as a dark forest, but is the perfect place for poisonous mushrooms and other envenomed enemies. - I'm working on UIs. This is the result of a morning...

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