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    Have someone follow you without being a party member?

    I want to have someone follow the player around but not be present in fights. I've done this before without scripts/plugins and just used events, but I was wondering if MV had a simpler way of doing it that I haven't noticed.
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    Individual Actor TP

    This is awesome! If you can get around to it, think you can add in a way to change the Name for the TP bar for each actor? You can pretty much give each character their own personal meaning for the bar that way.
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    a different kind of evasion

    Its the former imo. It doesn't make much sense to give Rogues the ability to tank, you can give him a counter option though. I also don't like RNG, but Rogues were made for it. In my head they're kind of 'jack-of-all-trade' type characters with high crit chance. Not fantastic at anything, but...
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    FF7 Limit break system.

    Not sure but I always feel like there's a way to do something, especially when it comes to things like scripting.
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    Arcs where the main character changes

    How do you people feel about separate arcs where the main character changes? Weather he dies, imprisoned, or simply isn't the focal point of the story anymore. Do you think its a good idea to cut the time the player spends with the main character? Or what if he remains in the story but isn't the...
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    FF7 Limit break system.

    Hmm... You can use Bobstah's Battle Commands Plugin and make a Limit Break skill type on the battle Menu. Then you can have all the abilities in the Menu cost 100 TP, or you can put the skill itself on the Battle Menu and only make it usable with 100 TP. Bobstah's Battle Commands...
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    I'm kinda just going through the list of RTP skills to make sequences to practice, so I'll post them here when I finish. Special Slash 3: (Note: For Special Slash 3 to look right you need to go into Animation in the database and change its position to 'Center') Claw Special Body Slam:
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Made a sequence for Slash Special 2, I think it looks pretty nice but lemme know if you guys think I should change anything. Edit: I fixed it so that it actually works now lol. I made the mistake of using X and Y coordinates and then realized that not everyone will have the same enemy positions...
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    Yanfly Item Upgrade Slots - Elements

    I don't want to add any kind of stat increase to the item, but I want to just give the weapon I'm upgrading an element equipped to it. The only notetag I saw that can do that is 'Eval' but I don't even know where to begin with writing a line of code.

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