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    MV Generator Parts Edits Dual Dyed Hair...

    Sorry about broken link lost files forever, not totally up to editing generator again...
  2. kingkoopa300

    Half Kaizer Template Games

    How do I continue working on my project with RE2, KH3, Red Dead, and many others.. lol
  3. kingkoopa300

    Half Kaizer Template Games

    I always have liked half kaizer art style, I decided i would make a full game template good quality but I get distracted, I made a custom generator to generate my sprite. Full control of color, hair, and clothing is pretty nice I use Paint.Net to collect and edit many layers. Using scripts made...
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    Help me guys! Flipped animations...

    Note I fixed it, anybody else just sick of mirror animation you gotta go through YEP_BattleEngineCore.js, YEP_X_ActSeqPack1.js, YEP_X_ActSeqPack2.js, YEP_X_ActSeqPack3.js and rpg_objects.js... Search mirror in notepad you must first remove above "mirror = !mirror;"...
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    Help me guys! Flipped animations...

    It seems it doesn't matter which mirror code i mess with it still mirrors after first turn... I would be happy disabling mirror all together but i haven't had such luck with tinkering with the code
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    Help me guys! Flipped animations...

    This a big problem for me to having issues with Yanfly's Battle core i think, anyone know a fix?
  7. kingkoopa300

    Arc's RPG Maker MV Generator Upgrade!

    Hey the RPG maker default Generator just got a huge update had to delete your parts cause the new update... This is obsolete now just wanna let you know.. Yay lot's of new quality stuff i would love to reorganizes everything myself but i don't got the time in the middle of working on my game...
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    MV Sprite+

    Honestly I like them would use photoshop to edit on clothing DIY guys can't be that hard ;) will follow kinda wanna stick with current format right now 
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    Old Man Resource!

    Facial Mark Version Simple photoshop edit allows more customization any face shape you got can now use Zheg's beautiful art...   Download  Examples also created a gradient so you can match skin color up backup your gradients file first, i'm only going to use this gradients.png for old...
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    Old Man Resource!

    Good Job!!! was hoping someone did this already
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Nice work on masks will definitely use them will try to add better faces, anyway to contribute, might even try make faces for Masks to, your doing great work Happy New Years... Sorry you didn't like them faces only get so much free time kinda rushed them
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    Hello i love to help with generator parts I realized you had no faces for Animal/beasts parts so i copy and pasted some quick from open source images... these are WIP maybe even a nice layout if anyone wants to improve on them... Hiddenone your free to claim these as yours, just special thanks...
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    Enjoyed it for like 30 mins cool like the QR code gonna have to figure out how to use that for my project. 3/5 music kinda annoying, but so is silence... simple but addictive... 
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    MV Generator Parts Edits Dual Dyed Hair...

    MV DUAL DYED HAIR EDITS Version 1     I'm new to making stuff on MV, but when messing with the generator and figured out how to have front hair different than back hair color. Then i got the idea from the punk rock scene in my home town. These people dye their hair 2 colors blue and black, or...
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    Animated Enemies

    use "perform action" must have weapon equipped to show weapon... P.S. it's kinda wrong ya asking for advice for Yanfly's here please refer to Yanfly's page for help

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