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  • Hey, how are you? Hopefully fine with all this viruses spread. So, i read some of your old posts about Yami Sideview and noticed you said it let you create your motion, beyond the default ones. I've been trying to do that since yesterday, but couldn't make it. Can you share how you did it?
    Please do not use Profile Posts to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose. Also you can't get the sort of detailed reply you need because of the character limit. I assume you are using VX Ace, so post a new thread in RGSSx Script Support
    And yes, if that is Battle Symphony you are referring to, you can create your own animations.
    I thought it'd be easier for him to respond, since it seems he went through it years ago. My bad.

    And no, i'm using rmmv
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--- Survival For RPGist Part 2 ---

Survivalist: Now,I going to Test you: Fishing with Spear
M.Spear Knight: Leave it to me.
(M.Spear Knight Spearing the Fish with His Battle Spear)
M.Spear Knight: How it is?
Survivalist: I know you did it,but...Is that the Spear for Battle,not for Fishing?
M.Spear Knight: But,is that same?
Survivalist: (Sigh)...Whatever
Hello I buyed RPG Maker VX Ace a long ago and I want to use it again but in the meantime I changed my pc but I lost the paper with my product key on so I can't use RPG maker again... someone can help me please ? or there is no hopes ?:'( ( I have a bad english I'm sorry )
I was away this days here in the forum but it was for a good cause!
The trailer of the demo of Luke Inn is on youtube and I am so happy!
I need to see the bugs of the game but I am happy that I have new content to show!

The last part of the modern interior will be ready soon. This will be a B-tile. With interior items for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and storage room.

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