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  1. Help scaling character sprites

    So I used photoshop and tried to stay inside that 640 *640 window size and I got a sprite of 66x193. Now the entire sprite is shown on-screen. Now I believe I'll be able to get away with this size in-game as long as I make my tileset confine by the character size. New Test Sheet
  2. Help scaling character sprites

    I've given it a read and I'll try to apply the calculations to my work and downscale them in external software. Thanks for all the help!
  3. Help scaling character sprites

    Yea I drew the sprite in Photoshop. Just to test if the size would work. I'll have to look a bit more in the help. There isn't a way to scale sprites in-engine?
  4. Help scaling character sprites

    Hello! I am new to the engine and not very informed on coding so I'm confused about the scaling of sprites in-game. I know a sprite sheet has to be 4x4, but the sprite is way too big in-game. I would like to scale it down without losing the detail of the image. The sheet I'm talking about: TEST...

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