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  • Language is wierd. So many multiple words end in S but make a Z noise (dogs, planes, images) but multiple die uses a C and makes a S sound.
    Say it out loud. If the letter sounds like it starts with a vowel, it's an. An Ess.
    I thought that at first, but then I wasn't certain it was an oral rule or a written rule. Which now makes me question why a LETTER doesn't start with itself as a sound... (thanks)
    Yeah, I've thought that a lot too. English is so strange!
    Whose sitting next to Kirby in your avatar I've been curious! Which Kirby game is your favorite? :>
    Well, today was the absolute warmest snow day I've ever had. Even on my bare feet it wasn't cold. Weird experience walking to the store.
    Wow I can't believe you've had an account ever since 2014 and
    still haven't made any profile posts!
    It honestly never occurred to me to make one. I still don't know what I'd post.
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Anyone here managed to never burn out on programming? My current limit is 3 months(6-8 hours per day, 7 days per week, 50 hour programming week on average), and then I just have to take a break, sometimes lasting few days(with at most 2 hours on programming per day). I've been always like this so far, so I admire those who can always be so passionate on programming :)
This is starting to become a momochi collection y'all!
Meet Swefo The candy Eater!

Hide your candy... I or I sweefe sweefefooo~~~
Automatic level scaling without an option to turn it off can be a very bad choice for a game. The worst I've ever seen was in Nightmare of Druaga, where if a power outage made your system turn off, the game detects it as an attempted cheat and overwrites your save while taking away your best gear, leaving you unable to progress at the late stages of the game, and unable to recover.
Problem with sequels: Heroes getting rid of all their items and forgets all of their skills within the span of a year without explanation. :kaomad3:
I can see the end of my prologue. Perfect time to decide to pull everything over into MZ, right? Right?!

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