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    You must consider as most as possible available options how to fight enemies, find their weaknesses, how to exploit them and potentialy...
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    Tongue-in-cheek tutorials for the win. For instance? Here's how I handled save points in my game.
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    kirbwarrior replied to the thread How to balance Skills ?.
    No matter what way you start, it will always end in playing your games numerous times, especially if you have moves that can miss...
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    Play your game. Over and over again.
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    You would need to get a plugin that does the choosing of the troop at an earlier time than the encounter is initiated - this would need...
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    kirbwarrior commented on Cythera's profile post.
    I'm generally against remakes, and from a developer perspective, I wouldn't want to remake it because I have more game ideas I want to...
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    random is random, nothing can change that. you either have to go to evented battles (where the event can have a sprite telling which...
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    kirbwarrior replied to the thread Question:.
    If the goal is to let the player know what enemies are on the map in general, you can simply tell them. As Andar pointed out, it can...
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    The problem is that the resources on a mobile device are much smaller than on a full computer. which means that you have to start on the...
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    kirbwarrior replied to the thread Front View Battles.
    Front-view but you still see your characters is definitely at the top of my list. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest did something similar (but...
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    I've always had a fondness for front view (big Dragon Quest fan), but I believe Phantasy Star 4 has been the best iteration of the front...
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    I can't imagine why people would pigeon-hole mods as 'cheating' when like the most popular ones are; making the game work, making the...
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    I certainly had fun with it. You could recover max stamina mid-combo while resetting your attack chain, so you could make combos that...
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    It sounds like battles are intentionally built around you using it, so it's not so much "too useful" as much as it's "how you play the...
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    I personally dislike healbots, but I do know that a decent chunk of RPG players prefer them and are disappointed when games don't have a...

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