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  1. enemies (event) randomly appear and disappear

    Thank you very much That's exactly what I was looking for. I'm using self switches/variables from Yanfly but I had little to no knowledge on the lunatic mode (barely had a need to use it) Once more, thank you
  2. enemies (event) randomly appear and disappear

    Not sure if I got it quite right... The bat will appear/disappear depending on the value of self-variable A parallel event will random a number, let's say 10 Then bat[10].self-switch will set to off! But how can I access the self switch of another event to switch it off? (if I got you right)...
  3. enemies (event) randomly appear and disappear

    hi there I'm trying to populate a map with events that will trigger a battle when in contact with player (imagine bats flying around in the map) These events (bats) will appear at random Page 1: (no condition) / No sprite / parallel process random variable 1..10. if variable > 7: self.A = On...
  4. draw magic (FFVIII Style)

    A while ago (a couple of years really), I got this plugin/script for RPG Maker VX that allowed the 'party' to draw and use magic in a way similar to how it is done in Final Fantasy VIII. I believe the script was by HimeWorks, but I can be utterly wrong on that. So I was wondering, if...

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