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    Progress is slow but you will get there.
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    Evening humans! How goes the game make?
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    Evening! It's going great!
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    Please add the emo boy with hoodie on, Wish, from my game IMAGINE:Roleplay Club. :kaoblush:
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    *Saw a video of myself* *Opens google* *Search "How to delete my personality"*
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    Sometimes I forget how tiny and fun working in 16x16 is (or with 18x18 if ya counting the white outline LOL) and before you ask Yes. Yes...
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    I don't really think those are gibberish. Return literally means returning a value and array in the dictionary means a collection with...
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    Finally, I have graduated from college and now I can put a lot more work into my game, after having not worked on it for the better part...
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    Thank you @Roninator2! It works!
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    Working on my first ideas for a tileset... I really don't know if anyone would like or even want my style.
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    Hmm... yea, I want it to not pass through those kinds of events too if possible.
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    Kirri posted the thread Dash through in RGSS3 Script Requests.
    Hello there, Is it possible to make it so that when the player dashes, it can go through event BUT cannot go through impassable tile?
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    Sizzle sizzle sizzle...
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    Currently working on a side game for the One Map Game Challenge. :kaoblush: As you can see, the game will be called "Welcome To...

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