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    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Is there a way to prevent the icon from being popup?
  2. kkh829

    How to change the Battle Log Speed?

    Plug-in error? Now I understand why people who want to increase the pop-up time for BattleLog don't ask the same question as I do. I didn't think this problem was an "Bugs"... I thought it was the limit of the plug-in functionality. This is My plug-in installation order. I would really...
  3. kkh829

    RMMV I've made a Splash Damage Skill, But It's not perfect.

    Thank you again. It works perfectly! I'm planning to make separate splash animation. by adjusting the code you gave me.
  4. kkh829

    RMMV I've made a Splash Damage Skill, But It's not perfect.

    It can't work better than this. Muchas gracias! +Edit Do you know how to delete the following animation? There's no problem with the system. But It seems more appropriate to have only one visual explosive animation.
  5. kkh829

    RMMV I've made a Splash Damage Skill, But It's not perfect.

    Skill does 100%(1000) damage to one enemy. And it does half the damage(500) to all the other enemies. I've found some information about this, There was only more evolved information. like.. chain lighting(The damage is reduced by moving one by one.) or bouncing bullet?(跳彈:도탄사격,I don't know how...
  6. kkh829

    i like your dogi

    i like your dogi
  7. kkh829

    How to change the Battle Log Speed?

    I've found a few Plug-in, But It worked a little strange. If increase Battle log pop-up time, waiting time for action of Actor also increases. Eventually, Actor does nothing and stays still until Battle log pop-up disappears... Is there a way to solve this?
  8. kkh829

    How to make a "Damage Link" Skill

    Very interesting skill. I'll put a comment here and come back when I need it. Thank you for making an interesting formula.
  9. kkh829

    Questions on Basic Damage Formula

    This formula (the second one) works perfectly. Thank you very much!
  10. kkh829

    Questions on Basic Damage Formula

    I made Aura skill. Using the Aura skill adds state(98) to the user and state(99) to the alliance.(and user too) ㄴThe plug-in automatically adds state(99) to the alliance when the user is state(98). 98 has Only Mana Decrease Penalty. 99 has only benefits.(No mana Penalty) So i need a function...
  11. kkh829

    Skill Affect User and one ally?

    Just amazing <Before Eval> user.addState (id); </Before Eval> With this simple formula, I got the perfect effect I wanted. I can finally wash my feet and go to sleep. Thank you!
  12. kkh829

    Skill Affect User and one ally?

    If using the skill, The user and the target(one ally) are given a beneficial stat(simple effects such as ATK bonus, HP regeneration...). But, It doesn't work for the other allies except for the two. I was inspired by the strategy game X-com. The two comrades who fought many battles together...
  13. kkh829

    Skill Affect User and one ally?

    I'm making a skill with the concept of comrades. The skill affects only the skill user and one selected ally. That is, it affects only 'two' allies. How can i made it? + Formulas and events are good, but I'm also using the yep plug-in. Any help would be good with me!
  14. kkh829

    How to make cooperating attack?

    I'd like to make an cooperating attack Skill e.g 1. There are warrior, archer, and Thief in Party. 2. Archer has a cooperative skill. 3. When an archer uses his cooperative skills to enemy - Thief and warriors attack(common attack) instead. or Attack with the archer Can I make a skill like...
  15. kkh829

    Skill Trees System

    This plugin fantastic enough right now. But, It would be even more AWESOME if some functions were added. Because skill description truncated. It's a little shorter than the actual description. Maybe.. skill description directly with Java or Line wrap/word wrap. or changed Font size? I hope...

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