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    can I get Galv's region effects to affect npcs?

    I'm using Galv's region effects for a game in the works and I have it running smoothly, but the footstep sounds and effects don't seem to work on npcs. I'd ultimately want footstep sounds to work so you can hear when npcs and stuff have entered a room or just when theyre near, and without them...
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    Galv's Character Effects BUG -please help-

    -EDIT- Ok so, i deleted " eval(script)" from the spot where i was getting an error and it did fix the error problem now is my script for my message busts arent working they show up in game, but the script call to flip them isnt working :<
  3. Klaykrow

    Galv's Character Effects BUG -please help-

    everything was working fine until now for some reason and im not sure how to fix it scripts i have- Galv's character effects Galv's region effects ももまる's full screen khas's awesome lighting effects Galv's message busts Non-Combat Menu v1.04a now when i play test i get this- it...
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    Talk sprite resizing using Galv's script -NEED HELP- There's the link. I had posted the name of the script and its a pretty known one is all, so i guess i didnt think to link it. also, i had scaled down the images in my first game and they lost a lot of quality so i was just wondering if there was...
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    Talk sprite resizing using Galv's script -NEED HELP-

    Alright, so I'm using Galv's talksprite script to use larger talksprites in game rather that the box head things the vanilla program comes with. I've used this script for my other game and it worked fine. Now however I'm working with a team of people and their talksprite busts don't fit into...
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    Hidden timer but only once?

    everytime i try to do this, the moment the switch gets turned on it just immediately goes to the game over scene without a timer at all :/ im a visual learner sadly, so i doubt i will be able to figure this out with text alone. thank you guys anyway though, sorry.
  7. Klaykrow

    Hidden timer but only once?

    yeah i just straight up don't understand how to get this to work, so i guess im going to give up on it and put a visible timer :/ if anyone sees this thread and knows of a way to just hide the vanilla timer once, i'd love to hear it.
  8. Klaykrow

    Hidden timer but only once?

    ah the event adamsakuru showed had it set to parallel so i just did what they showed does anyone know if there's just a script I can use with a normal timer that i can just make it invisible for this single part? that would be the easiest thing I can think of, but I can't find a script like...
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    Hidden timer but only once?

    ah i tried this out and now it just activates the event without the loop counting anything down I'm not sure if it's because I need the "timer" to be activated by a control switch you step on, so it's not activating things right? I provided pics of how I have it set up
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    Hidden timer but only once?

    hmm, im trying to follow this, but your event page looks very different from mine? are you using VX Ace? I can't figure out how to put "If" anywhere, just conditional branch. Im sorry for being difficult @_@
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    Hidden timer but only once?

    I'm not really sure how to go about setting this up. I tried to mess around with the variables, but I can't get it to work I'm sorry, I'm still rather new to a lot of this, I got my first game done with dumb luck tbh. I think I might just have to deal with having a visible timer cause im an...
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    Hidden timer but only once?

    i think a wait command would'nt stop the timer meter from showing up, just delay it? the timer is already set on parallel process
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    Hidden timer but only once?

    Alright so I'm trying to put a timer in an area where if you hang around too long, you die, but I don't want the time visible in the corner. However, the next part also has a similar event with a timer, but I need it visible there for suspense. Everything I've found makes the timer invisible...
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    QTE need help! [SOLVED]

    ah i had some stuff off, but now its letting me click indefinitely with no bad or good end (albeit now its not doing the hold down thing) [EDIT] oh my god i didn't set it to add, but set instead x_x my bad lemme try this [EDIT] ok good news i got the main event to work, bad news is the timer...

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