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    Orange Greenworks - Steam doesn't say I'm playing a game

    I can confirm this plugin still works using greenworks-v0.14.0 and nw-v0.33.3. The plugin can be found on Hudell's official Github, here:
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    I made a new Website:

    I made a new Website:
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    RMMV Blockchain on RPG

    I spent some time with this idea. You will always have issues with economic balancing and people exploiting with bots or other ways. Where are you getting the initial funding for the economy? Player will be pulling crypto out, but are not likely to put it in. It's an excellent and cool idea...
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    RMMV Titan Saga: Chains of Kronos [updated:08/04/19]

    Officially restarting production. Looking for Tester for my newest build!
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    OcRam - Passages plugin [v4.04 updated 2019/11/28]

    You have an incompatibility with Khas Advanced Lighting. Is It possible to add this and do you need specifics?
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    OcRam - Passages plugin [v4.04 updated 2019/11/28]

    @OcRam I recently updated from 2+ to 3.01 and I have been getting this crash occasionally. I am getting this crash moving to a 25x25 map with 8 events and no numbered tiles. If I am crushing moving from Map A to Map B, I can go to Map C come back to Map A and transfer to Map B without an...
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    That looks amazing!!

    That looks amazing!!
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    Ability to have multiple event windows open at once

    Description of the Feature: Ability to have multiple event windows open at once Ability to move map around without having to close a window Ability to open new events even if a event window is open Why is this feature good? Even being to open even 2 windows at once would help me reference and...
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    Skill Animation livestream today!

    Skill Animation livestream today!
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    That's Exciting! Home Stretch.

    That's Exciting! Home Stretch.
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    Good Luck!

    Good Luck!
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    Hope you have a fast recovery

    Hope you have a fast recovery
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    Lol Good Luck!

    Lol Good Luck!
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    RPG Maker development livestream all day!

    RPG Maker development livestream all day!
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    Finding Incompatibilities

    I am using many of Yanfly's plugins and Khas Lighting. I'm having a problem with the Khas Lighting plugin, it stops my maps from rendering and they are just black when I change maps sometimes. I can still move and use the menu. Just no any events or tileset. So i guess my question is... Do you...

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