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    Conditional state/debuff immunity

    Well, it's a bit excessive to do, but you could make duplicates of all your states and debuffs, making one copy of each the magic triggered version. Then just give your character state resist traits for the magic triggered versions. I've not tried this myself, but maybe it'll work.
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    Need help with Yanfly Item Synthesis...

    You using any kind of custom menu?
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    Need help with Yanfly Item Synthesis...

    @HighKingArthur Are you closing your synthesis ingredients tag correctly? With </Synthesis Ingredients>
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    Issues with DreamX Show Parameters and Yanfly Item Core

    Decided to try out Quasi Params Plus and DreamX's Show Parameters in order to add and show two new parameters to my game that would work with the Yanfly suite. Though both are a bit older, everything seemed to do exactly what I need them to, but there's an oddity with looking at weapons and...
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    Show Parameters

    I have an odd issue that no one else seems to have, based on my search of this thread. Both Show Parameters and Quasi Params Plus do exactly what I need them to, but there's an oddity with looking at weapons and armor through the item menu. The weapons doesn't show any stat changes at all...
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    YEP Subclass addon

    Bump because I completely changed the thread contents of what this used to be. Talk about repurposing!
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    Character keeps taking no damage, how do I fix that?

    Everything seems to be in order based on the provided pics, but what are the traits on the weapon and actor?
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    To use tropes or not to use tropes in your game...

    It's not often I actually find myself quoting TV Tropes, but here we are: Tropes are not the same thing as cliches. They may be brand new but seem trite and hackneyed; they may be thousands of years old but seem fresh and new. They are not bad, they are not good; tropes are tools that the...
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    Instant Death Spell but you gain no EXP or Gold from it

    @RedFoxGaming The plugins Aesica mentioned are indeed free. Yanfly actually has a whole bundle of free plugins. And even the paid ones are $1 each, so not very pricey.
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    YEP Subclass addon

    Hoping I can get some assistance on this one. Using Yanfly's Class Change Core and Subclass, I've been able to almost perfectly mimic the job system of Dragon Quests VI and VII, with one glaring flaw. Jobs (known as Vocations in DQVI and DQVII) don't level in the traditional sense. Instead...
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    RMMV Wintervale Keep: A Vagabond's Tale of Treasure and Treachery.

    No problem. Forum speak can be hard to parse if you don't see it often.
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    RMMV Wintervale Keep: A Vagabond's Tale of Treasure and Treachery.

    OP is, in this case, short for opening post. And going over it, there's quite a few punctuation mistakes and odd capitalization going on. For example: Wintervale Keep is a Top down JRPG at it's core. The story starts with a young woman setting out to get a lay of the land. After some time She...
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    [SOLVED] RPG MAKER MV : HP cost skill customization issue

    Fairly certain it's because you're using the damage formula box. When I sought out help to make a skill that converted remaining TP into MP, I was instructed to use Yanfly's Damage Core to set up a custom formula, rather than setting up my formula through the formula box. It has to do with the...
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    RMMV The other side of the RPG equation. Playing as the Item Shopkeeper

    Far as I know, Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale was somewhat popular, so I imagine your game would have an audience out there. I'd also look to that game for inspiration, since you would be following its style.
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    Question regarding Yanfly Job Points

    Yeah, it's for MV. Thankfully, I already made a backup of the file, so I can muck around with it as much as needed.

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