I'm an MMA Coach and Personal Trainer and have been RMing as a hobby for about 28 years. I fell in love with RPG's when I was 5 when I played the first Dragon Warrior (Quest) on the NES. Ever since then I wanted to play any and every RPG I could find and would work out ideas for my own RPG's on paper and invented an RPG board/card game called Battle Cards that I would play with friends when I was 7-8 years old (I still may release it commercially someday.)

I enjoyed a lot of the harder dungeon crawler RPG's like Wizardry, Might and Magic, Bard's Tale, and the like probably more than the casual JRPG but I really enjoy all genres of RPG including Tactical RPG's and Action RPG's. My favorite RPG series of all time is probably Suikoden.

Played through pretty much every RPG Maker made and completed a relatively lengthy game using RPG Maker 1 on PS1 since then I have yet to complete a game but I hope to do so with RPG Maker MV in the next year or two.

I am currently working on an Old School Dungeon Crawler and JRPG hybrid and have preliminary plans to make a story heavy game much like Suikoden and have it be a sequel of sorts to the RPG Maker XP game Exit Fate, which is my favorite RPG Maker game of all time. I also have a modern gang land type Tactical RPG that I also have preliminary plans for, but my goal for now is to finish Maze of the Lost.

I have a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition so if anyone needs tips or advice on anything athletic feel free to ask. You can also PM to shoot the breeze or whatever. For being a serious coach when training, outside of my profession I am pretty fun loving and easy to talk to.
Sep 20, 1982 (Age: 38)
Central USA
First Language
Primarily Uses
MMA/Personal Training, RMing
MMA Coach, Personal Trainer


Games in Development:

Maze of the Lost MZ
(Beta Demo available)

Underground Syndicate MZ (In Alpha Stage, Demo release ETA 6 months)

Dark Grind MZ (In Alpha Stage, Demo release ETA 3 months)



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Is there anyone who would like to resize some of sprites I've got and put them into MV sheet? I'm bad at that kind of things. I want to make a game, but I lack in resources and I'm bad at recolouring them, so my only option was to use a sprite maker from one game (Ive got permission to use it) but these are sprites from VX Ace and I only have MV. So, is there anyone interested in helping me?
Wow! This game looks great! Streaming now :D
Working on a system that allows you to define events in an easy to use text file format!!! Would you use such a thing? 0o
Have my fingers crossed, waiting for a discount sale on MZ on Steam.. Its normally around the corner during Halloween or x-mas season on Steam, if i remember right..

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