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  1. pararellexs picture.

    Like i have any... I am not sure if it is for commercial purpose though. I wont bump it but maybe anyone is willing to help in this amount of time. i didn't quite keep my hopes up anyway.
  2. pararellexs picture.

    Sorry i did that i should have said that early a nice example though.
  3. pararellexs picture.

    seems like it aslong as i can use it for any comercial uses. still thanks though. since i didn't say that already
  4. pararellexs picture.

    [/SPOILER]the tumbnail that added... thats just how i want it. (girl standing on a cliff looking at the stars completly drawn (fullbody)) sorry i really don't understand what is the hard to get part is, but that is prob me being an idiot like i always am.
  5. pararellexs picture.

    Uhm well... the cliff needs to be drawn i ment. i need a fullbody girl standing on it looking at the stars. what will be the background like in your links. everything needs to be drawn. sorry if i am still a bit confusing or if i made any grammar mistakes my first language ain't englise and...
  6. pararellexs picture.

    Oh okay ty will remember that.
  7. pararellexs picture.

    Need someone to create one ><
  8. pararellexs picture.

    I am asking for a parallexes picture... aint that a resource...
  9. pararellexs picture.

    That is the part i understand but i need it to cover the hole viewdistance area.
  10. pararellexs picture.

    It is for a cutsene i know i can use show  picture but i have no idea how that works hehe.
  11. pararellexs picture.

    Oh hello, I need a picture to fill the screen so i was thinking it could be done using parallaxes. So should i do it this way or is there a better way tell me please but what i really need is someone to create an animegirl standing on a cliff. like in the file i add with this "i know epic...

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