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  1. Mutable Items

    That's fantastic - can't wait to see it! Thanks very much for taking the time to work on this.
  2. Mutable Items

    Same here - would love to get a working copy of the plugin if anyone is willing to post a link.
  3. RMMV Grid Battle System (early access test: tile states)

    I"m in the same boat. This plugin looks amazing and I have been following it's progress closely. I would LOVE for it to cooperate with the Olivia's UI too (fingers crossed).
  4. Stealing, Sealing, and Unsealing Enemy Skills

    Hello all, I am a first time poster here on the forums and relatively new to RPG Maker MV. I am currently having difficulty implementing Yanfly's 'Spell Siphon' mechanic, linked here for reference that I would like to use for a boss encounter. In my current game, I am designing a boss who uses...

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So I need to come up with quite a few action sequences.
Was stressing about this plugin earlier, but pretty happy with how its looking now! Purple makes it pop more too!! :)
A friend requested me to do a pfp for his twitch channel, so far he approved one of my sketches, so going to digital now. The style he's looking for is quite different from my usual, hopefully I can get it right... :kaoback:
I am so hyped! A new post update and im anxious to see reactions..eeeeeeee

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