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    Original Character Contest 3 Winners!

    Congratulations to all the winners! I see a few of my favorites made it!
  2. Kokoro Hane

    Is the first enemy encounter area in your game a forest?

    Depends on the game I am making. My first RPG, your technical first "enemy" encounter is on the beach when sparring your trainer. But after that, your real first enemy encounter is in a cave dungeon. There's actually no forest areas explored in the game. My second RPG, first enemy encounters...
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    What is your fovorite aspect of game creation?

    Character creation and writing out cutscenes are my favorite part about making an RPG! Building the world, writing interactions, having a splash of lore even if the game is super short... and of course, whilst testing a game can have some unfun aspects about it, I enjoy testing cutscenes over...
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    RMVXA Maze For You [One Map Challenge][Fully Voiced]

    Have you heard of that far off country So grand and green With flourishing crops, And abundance of seeds? Perhaps you have, but... ...have you heard of its demise? SYNOPSIS FEATURES: SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD GameJolt Mirror...
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    2021 Goals and Progress Thread

    My January goals: - Release the voiced version of "Maze For You". I have all but one voice batch received. I was informed by said VA that lines may come a bit late, which is fine. Even if the voiced update is released next month, I can still at least finish cutting and applying all the batches I...
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    Original Character Contest 3 MV Submissions!

    Character name: Aerial About your character: Aerial is of the Avian race, a newly discovered people that live on the upper layer of Terrene's dimensional plane located in the same space as the sky atmosphere. Though she is only 27 years of age by Avian reckoning, on the actual planet she is...
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    Original Character Contest 3 Announcement and Rules!

    Ah I have always wanted to give this contest a try! Question; if we do not win, do we still get to keep our creation if we ever wish to use them?
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    Have not received my download yet after purchase

    Thank you so much!! I have now downloaded it!
  9. Kokoro Hane

    Have not received my download yet after purchase

    I have now received the DEGICA receipt a couple hours ago, but still no download link. I'll give it until tomorrow, but if it doesn't arrive, I'll contact support again.
  10. Kokoro Hane

    Have not received my download yet after purchase

    I have double checked the junk folder and checked my blocked addresses, no mail in junk nor is the address blocked. I will send a ticket to support then after lunch! Thank you for your speedy response! ^^
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    Have not received my download yet after purchase

    Hi! I just ordered the standalone version of RPG Maker MV (I own the Steam one but I wanted the standalone since it was on sale so I don't have to always use Steam). But I have not received an e-mail with my download nor the DEGICA receipt. I did receive my PayPal receipt but not DEGICA or the...
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    RMMV RE/COUNT RE:VERSE [Full Version out!][Voice Acted]

    Hahaha, well glad you enjoyed its absurdity and comedy!
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    RMMV RE/COUNT RE:VERSE [Full Version out!][Voice Acted]

    I have updated the full game to version 2.0 (and added a Linux build)! 2.0 CHANGELOG - Fixed move route in the library so the game will no longer lock when you select "No" when heading to the exit - Added missing Vivian line - Replaced incorrect sprite with the correct one on "Rewind" route's...
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    RMMV RE/COUNT RE:VERSE [Full Version out!][Voice Acted]

    I am pleased to announce the Windows & Mac builds for the FULL VERSION of RE/COUNT RE:VERSE is finally here! (Linux coming later) CHANGELOG: - DLC jokes replaced with actual interactables - More interactions added (including some hidden items) - Self-switches added to Paprika and her dad during...

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