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    That looks fabulous ~

    That looks fabulous ~
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    RMMV Willistoria - A free-roaming, sandbox RPG

    Did not expect a delivery quest to have such an added twist! This game is so simple yet there's so much to it. I'm also happy to have picked up the airship guy because it has made travel so much easier, and there's also new places to explore because of it! I'm curious, how many possible NPC...
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    Wings for child generator? [MV]

    Yes, I actually found your resized parts not long after making this post and added them, it's been very helpful ^^
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    RMVXA Notes From Province (30+ hour RPG)

    I have a question -- I found a rope, and evidently it is to use to get to hard to reach places. How do I use it? Or does someone need to teach me first?
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    RM2k/3 ChickenQuest 2K3: Rise of the Chimkin

    This game looks so silly and absurd.... MY KINDA GAME! Imma give it a try, it looks like a good time! ^^
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    How did you develop the mythos of your game?

    When it comes to the lore in my more comedic projects, it sort of just comes about as it goes along, and since all 4 RM games I've released ended up being related somehow.... it just ended up in this complicated string. One began as sort of a nod and "parody" of mind numbing CLAMP twists, so I...
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    Wedding veil (MV)

    So I already found a lovely wedding dress edit for the generator by emkat93 and thought it'd be really nice to have an option for a wedding veil in the generator as well (under accessory I assume). Preferably two versions; a full veil where it covers the face (if possible) and then a veil where...
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    Wings for child generator? [MV]

    @BenSD Yes, resizing the adult versions has been one option I was planning to go for if all else fails. If they fit fine as is with only a few pixel adjustments, I can probably easily do that on my own (I'll try at least haha). Also, thank you for linking to that generator rework, I may give it...
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    Wings for child generator? [MV]

    So I finally bought the child generator add-on pack for MV, and was disappointed that they didn't have wings or best ears/tails. Now I know one of the ReStaff packs add beast ears/tails for kids so I'll be checking that out there, but is there anywhere that has wings for the child generator...
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    RMVXA Notes From Province (30+ hour RPG)

    I just started a game on this one and find it to be really charming! The NPCs have personality and I like how there's quests throughout and how the battles DO add to the story! Also, can I say that the menu is so well made? All the sprites look so lively!
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    RMMV Willistoria - A free-roaming, sandbox RPG

    So I've played some and am REALLY enjoying it so far! First off, I absolutely love the freedom to go wherever you want. I love the port system and how the world definitely seems fairly vast, and you can take on different quests in any order. It's just really nice. ^^ I'm currently playing the...
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    Do you like to make dev challenges for yourself?

    That's not a bad increase, so long as it isn't increased too much further! It'll be a nice short game but still with plenty to do, methinks. If you ever intend the one map challenge though, thinking a shorter story that can be squished into it. You can also make events work double and triple...
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    Do you like to make dev challenges for yourself?

    Maybe it's just me, but I like the idea of giving myself some "challenges" when I make certain games, just to try something out for fun. Some of these challenges can be very silly (most of the time) and some could be personal challenges of something I have always wanted to do in a game but how...
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    Would you play a game that used the front-view battle system, even when side-view is an option?

    I actually quite like front-view battle system, I don't mind it at all. However, I do prefer if you can at least see your party members' picture on the battle menu (I believe there are scripts for that). If you're using MZ, I believe you can automatically set it to do that (from what I recall in...
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    In your experience, how long does it take to make a game?

    It is possible to make a game around that length in one month, yes. . It's a very reasonable timeframe, and is often the length of most game jams. I will say, though make sure you always get ADEQUATE REST. I recommend reserving 1 to 2 days a week where you don't dev at all, just to recharge and...

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