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  • You take the time to write a well thought out counter argument and you get a passive aggressive insult and strutting around like they won.
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    An argument and debate are different. A debate is when two individuals share ideas and listen to one another points. An argument is trying to force your idea or thoughts on to the other person without much listening, and there is nothing positive about that. Being open to other ideas is what is needed!
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    In my book that's not even arguing, that's just being a d-bag lol
    passive aggressive insults usually mean your argument is stronger and they can't refute it ;)
    Finally getting some free time at work, I can start hangin' out on the Game Design forum again!
    Took so long writing a reply to a forum thread that I ended up just deciding not to post it at all.
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Harold Jam 2022: Dark Universe game jam is live! https://itch.io/jam/haroldjam22
Every once in a while I keep forgetting MZ added an Attack Skill Trait you can use to set the basic attack of an Actor to something else.
the last post was of the 2 bosses you'll fight in the high school... Principal Heiman and Mary, Mary, Mary... aka Mary Mars Mcqueen, the captain of the girl's wrestling team. Here's a view of the inside of said high school, Autumn Bay High.
So the Fire alarm went off 3 times in less then a half hour on my building. But my cat is so use to it going off he doesn't even run behind the couch anymore. He is just like, "This again?"
It has been brought to my attention that the name of my main robot protagonist in bio-Synthetica (R3-M1) is a Star Wars character LOL Woops. Always Google search names. The new name of my robot is now K0-R1. :kaophew:

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