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--- Spoiled Food ---

M.Knight: Oh,no! the Bread has been Mold!
Chef: It's not Mold,it's in Fermentation.
M.Knight: Are you sure?
Chef: Y'know Cheese? It's safe to eat
(Chef eat the Moldy Bread,after that he take into the Hospital with Green Face)
Suddenly I remember the days when I create something just by pure wild imagination. I wasn't thinking about concept, structure, or anything else. Just create (even if it's unfinished in the end). Somehow I kinda want to have that wild imagination again. :D
Google "The Great Stink"
Woke up on an awful nightmare of being banned here because some mod didn't liked me in a super-heroes freeform round robin RP where I used throwing normal hammer as power and it was qualified being too OP. XD Nice to read you all guys. Will not wait next nightmares.

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