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    Event One Map Game Challenge

    With this information in mind, I can finish my map and get started on the actual scripting. Either way, I was actually already thinking about doing an "enhanced"/expanded version later.
  2. Kotaro

    Event One Map Game Challenge

    I was going to ask this exact thing, pretty much. Do empty events for scenery animations like torches count, or no? Because that's kind of important to know.
  3. Kotaro

    Equipment "booster packs"?

    All right, I just tested it, and it seems to work. So how can I make it tell the player what they pulled from the pack when they buy it?
  4. Kotaro

    Equipment "booster packs"?

    Oh wow, thank you so much! That's absolutely perfect. Just one quick question: if I want to have a pack contain multiple cards, should I just put the "lootTable" tag in the notebox multiple times?
  5. Kotaro

    Equipment "booster packs"?

    That actually works a lot better than the one Dirge suggested. It still doesn't seem to let you automatically open the pack upon purchase, though (even if I set up the event to automatically open the pack when they exit the shop menu), so that's still an extra step that makes it less convenient...
  6. Kotaro

    Equipment "booster packs"?

    Ah, thank you for explaining that. Now the question is, how do I point it to a particular kind of item, i.e., armor or items? Because I'm making the skill cards as accessories to be equipped (using a plugin that allows for multiple equipment slots of the same type), and consumable items also as...
  7. Kotaro

    Equipment "booster packs"?

    I'm already aware of the Equippable Skills plugin, actually. And the Disassemble plugin doesn't really work for what I want to do, unfortunately. I want every pack to guarantee a specific number of cards, but have those cards be picked randomly from the available pool. That plugin gives each...
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    Equipment "booster packs"?

    So, after a really long absence from this forum (of literal years), and several abandoned game ideas (and one that I really want to go back to later) in the interim, right now I want to focus on a much smaller project than what I've tried before, to recover from some creative awful burnout I've...
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    Jeez, I haven't been here in way too long. Life consistently getting in the way, I guess.

    Jeez, I haven't been here in way too long. Life consistently getting in the way, I guess.
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    Am I allowed to use VX Ace resources in MV?

    That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure. Thank you.
  11. Kotaro

    Am I allowed to use VX Ace resources in MV?

    I have a ton of resources that I purchased for VX Ace. Does the license allow me to use them (specifically, I'm asking about the music) in a commercial game made in MV?
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    YEP Battle Engine and DeadOrAliveItem (Pre-Order DLC Plugins)

    I've been having the same problem, actually.
  13. Kotaro

    YEP Action Sequences, incorrect attack animation

    EDIT: I copied over the action sequence from this post, but I replaced "motion swing: user" with "motion attack: user," hoping it would use the correct type of animation regardless of the user's currently equipped weapon. But for some reason, it still defaults to the swing animation, even if the...
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    Multiple elements?

    Is there a way to make a skill have multiple elements in the damage it deals, for example, both fire and ice?
  15. Kotaro

    Altering TP gain from damage

    Thanks. Just edited it manually to change the percentage from 50 to 10, since that would be better balance in what I'm making.

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