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    Kreedves' junk

    ok ill start from scratch (well not really i drew the actually cards, orbs, glows, and pentagrams so more than half was done), thx for telling me also could ayone dlete my double post i cant seem to delete it.
  2. kreedves

    Kreedves' junk

    ah ok ill delete them and start anew thx
  3. kreedves

    Kreedves' junk

    Guys it took awhile but i did it I made up a language with 52 symbols (I copied pasted some of them cause i was running out of ideas but o well):
  4. kreedves

    Polearms/Pole weapons & Magic weapons

    hey guys glad we have a spear weapon but there are so many different Polearms that are not spears: i would but im not that good at drawing. Also can someone make Weapon that are more magic based? like prayer beads and exorcism paper (Ofuda...
  5. kreedves

    Swords for now

    nice work really like how they look!
  6. kreedves

    Kreedves' junk

    Some new things: Free commercial and non-commercial. Credit is optional, may credit me as Kreedves or DaKreed. Free to edit in fact i invite edited. May redistribute as long as you provide link to this post. window skin: And heres a damage prompt just a fornt change and color anyone can do...
  7. kreedves

    Themes for RPG vol. 1

    shouldn't this be in General resources and not MV resource? Nice work a the same!
  8. kreedves

    Charge Magic and Sense

    ya i looed abot the rpg maker i think i can make the "danger level" a game varibable and the sense a skil to respond to it, as for the charge i suppose making a "charge" state that last 2-4 turns making sure it doesn't attack or active for two turns by having a forced w8 command idk i will try...
  9. kreedves

    Charge Magic and Sense

    Ok I don't know how to explain it in words but I will try. I what certain bosses (maybe some of my own spells and maybe a few standard minions) to have spells/skills that need to "charge" basically taking 2-4(maybe more) action turns until the boss finally uses said spell/skill (and naturally...
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    Summon question (Maybe advice?)

    or you could use TP (or replace it with something else) yanfly also had a plgin that allowed you to do that cant remember which one 
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    The voodoo doll plugin

    ok this is kinda compicated so bare with me, i want an ability that smmons a voodoo doll (as an enemy) i want it to last 3-5 turn, the voodoo doll wil have no def, no m.def, all weaknesses and amplified damage bt have ALOT of health (so far i can do all this using plugins and the defalt mv...
  12. kreedves

    Prehistoric theme

    you know most RPG are either fantasy, sci-fi (or at least future dystopian future ), Japanese (like feudal era), or modern (with a few exceptions of course), so i thought how can i make a game wheres there's a lot of creatures without relying on these theme, then i thought "make dinosaur...
  13. kreedves

    Windies Gun Icons 0.7 Mini shotgun update

    actually i want bullet icons
  14. kreedves

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    or you could have the "remove by battle end" or "remove by walking" (1 step) and have if reapply itself at the begining of every battle
  15. kreedves

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    well i believe there are three methods you could try can make a condition within the notetags of each individual enemy like if (this.isMagical) && name === "fire" (don't know java u have to look it up im pretty sure im wrong), then do something (i think u need the battle core plugin for...

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