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    Last part of OcRam Obfuscator sneek peaks!
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    Added MZ version if anyone interested :) It's just compatibility upgrade there are no new features or functionality difference compared...
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    You can do some ugly direct calls to sprites if its what you want var picSpriteset = SceneManager._scene._spriteset.children.find(obj...
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    Yes, usage is the same as altimit. Here, try it if its work for you :) link google drive used with latest android studio, settings for...
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    No, i have ported some test projects of RMMZ with it
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    No its not, this works just fine for MZ too - I have...
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    The project is a library which helps you to build Android version of your games very easy. Update Log 1.0.3 Add Android internal...
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    For a team not endorsed by Degica they sure get a lot of announcement threads by this forum. So, maybe not officially endorsed but let's...

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Evil7 added!

I did a bit of a remake on one of the maps, also I made a particle for jumping into the portal, and one for traveling through the portal. I'll probably add more sparkles later to embellish it. :LZSwink:
Polished the animation and added details :kaojoy:
What do you think about the Wood Bridge inside of Volcano?
Yet another gaming question, i'm currently playing Last of Us 2 and want to get another game to play next but can't decide between Ghost of Tsushima, Miles Morales & Jedi Fallen Order. After the latest mandalorian i AM on a star wars kick, but i also LOVED the last spiderman game that prequels Miles Morales. Ghost of Tsushima is the bottom of my list but i heard it was AWESOME. Just want a good story & fun gameplay.

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