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    Screen Variables

    Added MZ version if anyone interested :) It's just compatibility upgrade there are no new features or functionality difference compared to MV version. So i decided to stay in one thread for both versions.
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    RMMZ How to get the width and height of a image.

    You can do some ugly direct calls to sprites if its what you want var picSpriteset = SceneManager._scene._spriteset.children.find(obj => obj.children.length >= 99); picSpriteset.children[0].width picSpriteset.children[0].height children[0] - is your picture IDs from 0 to 99
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    What happened to iOS export option?

    Yes, usage is the same as altimit. Here, try it if its work for you :) link google drive used with latest android studio, settings for SDK manager was like this:
  4. Krimer

    What happened to iOS export option?

    No, i have ported some test projects of RMMZ with it
  5. Krimer

    What happened to iOS export option?

    No its not, this works just fine for MZ too - I have created sample android studio project from it and it can be used just like altimit sample. If you have problems with that guide i can share my sample.
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    Play GIF in MV (PKD VPlayer)

    @Makual latest RPGMV project version (not editor version) is needed. Plugin does not work for 1.5.2 and lower, only 1.6.2 is supported.
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    Mouse System Ex

    @VTDraws ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I cant recreate your problem, no matter how many new cursors i add to folder - they all appears in json after playtest. If you can recreate problem in new project and send it to me in pm i can look in to it.
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    Mouse System Ex

    Its default MV function but it behave differently on different versions of nwjs for this plugin. Was added for fix endless loading with this plugin in 1.5.0 version of MV, for 1.6.2 its not needed.
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    Mouse System Ex

    @VTDraws @Solar_Flare You can always try to use fixed version of the plugin, posted by me in this thread :)
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    A New RPG Maker draws near! Command?

    Its just how new version of nwjs looks like nowdays, so new maker use same stuff as MV, just a bit newer UPD: oh sorry, mistranslated your words, dont mind me :)
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    Conditional Branch > Script > Comparing

    Is a correct one, and its works. If in your project it doesn't, then you are doing something wrong with values of your variables or some plugins broke it. As you can see all works just fine
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    Localization tool

    For translation, best tool is translator ++ there is thread here - link But latest versions you can found only in author ******* - link Latest public version is here - link It can do all you mentioned
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    Game Scene Stabilizer - Version 7.2.0

    @chaucer Hi, there are some errors in 6.0.0 version of plugin. Tested in new clean project, no other plugins. Errors apears on game start.
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    Screen Variables

    Sure, why not :D Make sure player can't open menu during fadeout when using this script call, because opening menu will clear fadeout effect.
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    Screen Variables

    No, sorry. But if you want you can use those script calls for fade the whole screen: SceneManager._scene.startFadeOut(x) SceneManager._scene.startFadeIn(x) x - duration.

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