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    First RPG game you ever played

    Outside of Pokemon, it was technically DQ1 on Gameboy, but I never left the first room lol. For game I actually completed, that would probably be Mario and Luigi Dream Team. Since then I've beaten every M&L game outside of Partners in Time (which I never played) and was devastated when the...
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    RMMV Generic RPG Quest III, Retro-Inspired JRPG with a twist!

    Thanks! Yeah, it's a lot like that. I haven't played I Am Setsuna, but I have played Disidia, and I really like the plot there. I was also mainly inspired by Majora's Mask, Final Fantasy 1, and the Bravely Series, but luckily there's no moon crushing you this time.
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    Extra Turns plugin?

    Okay, that sounds great, only problem is that I want you to be able to boost MULTIPLE times in battle, up to 3, and if you are below a certain amount you are applied a state which makes you unable to move until your boost points go back to a certain level. Basically, I want the battle system to...
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    YEP ATB not working

    I just checked, my project is the same version as the editor. I can't really put the plugins in the "official" order because you need YEP_JobPoints to be above YEP_SkillLearnSystem to use JP in the skill learn menu but in the order YEP_JobPoints is below YRP_SkillLearnSystem so that's kind of a...
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    YEP ATB not working

    I'm using MV version 1.6.2. Yanfly's plugin is at 1.28, and I can't download the latest version as all his plugins are now paid if version 1.28 isn't the latest.
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    YEP ATB not working

    I changed the order of the plugins. I put all of Yanfly's plugins before anything else, with the core plugins first, then the plugins in order from the list second, then the YEP_X plugins after that. Galv's plugin is just a super simple one that allows you to walk diagonally on the overworld. I...
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    YEP ATB not working

    I don't know what you mean by "out of order." I always put the yanfly plugins last and put the core plugins first for the yanfly stuff. Is there some order I need to follow? I don't understand. Please tell me what order I need to put them in please.
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    YEP ATB not working

    Okay, I know what you're going to say. "But KrimsonKatt! Isn't YEP ATB is no longer supported! Of course it doesn't work!" I know that. However, there aren't that many options for ATB systems in MV, and I have continued to use Yanfly's ATB many times in many games, and it has always worked...
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    Yanfly Just Made All His Plugins Paid...

    So, Yanfly just made his plugins paid only. $1 per plugin and $30 for a full bundle. While I warned people on RMN about the high likelihood of him making his plugins paid only, they didn't listen, called me "greedy" and a "troll," and nominated my post as the worst RMN thread of 2019.This all...
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    Extra Turns plugin?

    So basically I'm trying to build a battle system similar to Bravely Default with the Brave/Default systems. I thought I could do this utilizing Olivia's Boost System plugin so that when you boost you get an extra action/turn. However looking though the plugin parameters I could not find anything...
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    RMMV Meteo Chronicles: The first game in the Chronicles of Chronicles series!

    Plot Koros is a young boy living in the distant Ari Village in the region of Ferngulf. However, when Koros is discovers a mysterious dragon-like being who fuses with his body, Koros is banished from his village and is forced to go out on his own. On his quest he discovers a vile conspiracy by a...
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    RMMV Generic RPG Quest III, Retro-Inspired JRPG with a twist!

    Four heroes of light from a far away land are asked by a king to collect the four treasures of the elements, defeat a dark lord, and rescue the princess. Where have I heard something like that before? Yes, Generic RPG Quest III is a classic NES-styled RPG though and though, or it is? As you...
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    Oops sorry, didn't know about that!

    Oops sorry, didn't know about that!
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    I was just surprised by the content, and may have worded my review in a way that may have been...

    I was just surprised by the content, and may have worded my review in a way that may have been homophobic. To be 100% truthful, while I am heavily against some aspects of the LGBT, I also DON'T believe in any extreme views like "gays are going to hell" and "gay is a sin." Being gay is not a...
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    About the review last year. People have been misunderstanding it. When I went into it, I did not...

    About the review last year. People have been misunderstanding it. When I went into it, I did not expect it to be a gay game. (Not in a derogatory sense, just saying how it is) I expected it to be a visual novel type game with multiple branching paths and endings. Nothing in the game-page...

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