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    Avy's MV Stuff

    I'd say they're more Trail markers than Grave markers (so people don't get lost) but they work for both, either way they're really well made. I like that Idea Guardinthena, the red cloth and lantern combination immediately brings something East Asian to mind but I'm guessing it was more medieval.
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    Guardinthena's MV Resources -- Faceset for Hiddenone's Hine Sprite Leather Armored Guard

    Those hives look really good, It might be fun to have an infested labyrinth or something like that, it would be an appropriate setting for bees to set up a hive. I also really like the printing press stuff, I can't use them as I mostly deal in fantasy but they're really high quality. I'm sure...
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    EmmaB's MV RTP Edits

    I really like those Beans and the Tomato trellises, those new recolors will come in handy as well. Thanks for sharing these!
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    Scientist/Doctor's white lab coat and scientists' plastic 'goggles' for MV

    Found the goggles I mentioned in my earlier post on this page (I was wrong about it being a steam DLC) It's the third download (blue) link from the bottom.
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    Scientist/Doctor's white lab coat and scientists' plastic 'goggles' for MV

    Edit: check the link in slimmeiske2's post for usage rights/credits. As for goggles, I know there are two really good pairs in one of the DLC packs on steam but I can't work out which one, one pair goes over the eyes and one pair resting on chest.
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    Scientist/Doctor's white lab coat and scientists' plastic 'goggles' for MV

    I ran across something like this on a Japanese site not too long ago. These might help with the lab coat.
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    My attempt to improve. Ocrs-Goblin-Minotaur-Centaur Base Character Sheets

    These are really great, I'm gonna make use of these, thanks for sharing them!
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    I've been thinking about this and have come up with a couple of ideas, some potplants that could be used indoors and outdoors including hanging pots or maybe some orc village overworld pieces. Also Spiders and Scorpions, I've always thought the vanilla ones weren't all that threatening and scary...
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    Looking for Hoop Earrings (MV)

    Thanks for doing the recolor, it seems mores substantive with the slightly darker color. These work really well in the generator.
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    Looking for Hoop Earrings (MV)

    Thanks for this, they're really well done although the default generator part is a little bright for my uses and I don't have the gradients to fix it, is it possible for you to recolor a slightly duller version? It works great for AccB on face3 and I rarely use face4 anyway so no problem there.
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    Looking for Hoop Earrings (MV)

    Resource Type: (Generator parts, especially face part/Accessory) Maker Format: (MV) Art Style: (One that matches with the Vanilla style) Description: (large hooped earrings, something like in the reference image below) Reference Images...
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    Nostalgia Addict Game's Asset Dump - 4.13.2020

    Love the world tiles especially the encampment fortification, I could definitely use that one. Thanks for sharing.
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    Guardinthena's Fantasy Generator Expansion-Dwarfs!

    Remade the Dwarf Merchant I mentioned earlier in the thread using your Generator pieces, here are the before and after. A huge improvement.
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    Guardinthena's Fantasy Generator Expansion-Dwarfs!

    These are really fantastic, I look forward to seeing what else you have sitting around. I've had an idea for a travelling dwarf merchant for a long while now and these parts should help me build him.
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    here you go, if you need them for MV

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