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    Very Basic Action Battle Events?

    So I'm trying to make a game that has a very Legend of Zelda/Secret of Mana type combat system. I feel pixel movement is very important to accomplish this I feel but the better pixel movements seem to break the ABS plugins I like. I've recently been told that it's possible to create a common...
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    RMMV Dragonstone Pastures (Working Title) - A Rune Factory-esque Game of Farming and Monster Hunting

    For the moment there's not much I'm comfortable with showing. I've been primarily working on system stuff and all I have is a test map and the beginnings of a farm map. Talking to someone about getting some art assets done which I might show off if it pans out but other then that there's not...
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    Select Weapon and Armor

    No... want I want is basically you know how you go to the item screen you can use a potion to heal someone? I want to be able to do something similar with equipment. Like basically where I can treat the weapon as a usable item in some form. I'd be using this to equip the weapon. Reason for this...
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    RMMV Dragonstone Pastures (Working Title) - A Rune Factory-esque Game of Farming and Monster Hunting

    Surprisingly I have a lot of the mechanics very nearly worked out. My main concern at the moment is the UI as I want tools and items to be quickly accessible and visible as well as weapons. Not sure that can be done via eventing in MV but I'll still keep an eye out for the RPM2003 stuff you...
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    Select Weapon and Armor

    Basically yeah... but I want to be able to select the weapon to do that with from the item screen. Like when you go into the item menu, selecting the weapon tab I'd want the weapons and armor to be selectable and trigger the equip event rather than them being grayed out.
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    Select Weapon and Armor

    Looking for a plug-in where I can select weapons and armor from the item menu so I can use them in say a common event to equip them. Does a plug-in like this exist? Closest I've seen is Yanfly's MapEquip plug-in but I would prefer it being able to be done from the item window if possible.
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    Go to Specific Menu Immediately Button?

    Worked perfectly, problem solved, thanks
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    Zelda Style Map Transitions

    Having this same kind of issue. Oddly enough once I get my character centered on the screen it scrolls just fine and the problem won't happen again if I exit the map and come back.
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    Go to Specific Menu Immediately Button?

    That looks like it might do it. Next time I'm working on my project I'll give it a look.
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    Go to Specific Menu Immediately Button?

    Not sure how easy this is to set up or if it already exists, but is there a way to set up a key to immediately go to a specific menu? Such as if I wanted to set "Q" to go to the Item menu immediately rather than having to go through the main menu and possibly have it close immediately as well if...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Just tested this with Moghunter's Chrono Engine and something with it seems to interfere with all the actions for it. I can't even open the alternative menus in ABS mode. Here's the Chrono Engine for reference:
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    SRD Character Creator

    Love the idea of this plug-in but I can't help but wonder how one would make this compatible with pose plug-ins such as Moghunter's CharPoses
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    Just saw the comparison video with other movement plugins and love it so far. Seems like the pixel movement I'd want to use for my project. I am curious how it'll ultimately interact with Moghunter's Chrono Engine, but problems involving that might just ultimately be something that needs to be...
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    Performance Testing?

    Found it. For those that are interested in this information: Under the F8 information its the Profiles tab.
  15. KuariThunderclaw

    Moghunter Char Poses

    As an update, tracked down the issue to being related to the needRefreshPosesInterpreter. Just not sure what to do with that information...

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