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  1. Screen overlay transferring to other scenes

    Thanks for the quick reply. Here's the link, he/she goes by "UnproPro" Should there be a different place I should download parallax mapping? Thanks,
  2. Screen overlay transferring to other scenes

    Hi team. I've been working on parallax mapping as well as doodads. The over/underlay scene I made works flawlessly, however when I leave the cave scene, the overlay transfers to the world map. I'm using RPG maker MV 1.6.2, with plugins seen below. There's no parallax picture in the world scene...
  3. Doodads plugin installation difficulty

    Thanks so much...found the js file on a pack that's for purchase.
  4. Doodads plugin installation difficulty

    Never mind...answered my own's a plugin on a pack I have to buy. Thanks again!
  5. Doodads plugin installation difficulty

    Thanks so much for the quick reply. I downloaded both downloadable files, both only have the ".json" with no ".js" files to be seen. Maybe it's a plugin I have to buy now?
  6. Doodads plugin installation difficulty

    I've searched previous forums, could not find precisely what I was looking for. Despite following Yanfly's Doodad instruction, the doodad plugin is not showing up in my plugin menu. I have: - RPG maker MV 1.6.2. - Yanfly's Core Engine plugin. - Doodads.json inside your project's 'data'...

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