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  • Someone help me, how to Failed to load img/system/Window%20%20%E5%89%AF%E6%9C%AC%20(2) .png in joiplay emulator on android
    Ms Littlefish
    Ms Littlefish
    HI there! Welcome to the forum. I'd definitely suggest making a support topic. The status feed is pretty lousy for accommodating actual issues and your image also isn't showing up!
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You gotta be kidding me...
Apologies for posting again so soon, but I just had to share what I believe to be my best map yet, I'm over the moon with the way this has turned out to be.

Definitely leaning on the "try to" part of the status feed rule and I really try not to sad post, but not only is my kitty Simone more or less confirmed to have IBD... but she has some pulmonary edema and a slightly enlarged heart. They say everything is early and mild and that I'm very diligent and observant about my pets but iunno...doesn't feel like a win right now.

So it turns out music is fun to make????
A lil concept for a prison level. It's intentional that the chords and sound is the same from the previous concept I posted cause it's related to a certain character... What do u think?
I was wondering if I should ask the question
"Who Is Dalph?"
But I met him pretty fast and his answer was extremely helpful. So yeah. That probably answers it.

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