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  1. Simple Event Fade

    @kennysaurs Yes actually. This plugin respects the checkboxes in the bottom left of the move route window. Simply uncheck the "Wait for Completion" box there and you can have something fade out/in for however long you want and the player will be allowed to move while it's happening. Edit...
  2. Simple Event Fade

    SimpleEventFade.js Download SimpleEventFade.js (v1.1) Introduction This plugin adds the ability to make events fade in or out over a set duration of frames much more easily than having to repeatedly set the opacity over and over again. It should also be much smoother than doing that...
  3. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    Thinking I'll change the focus of this thread to all of the plugins I'm working on since they're kind of meant to be used together in general. @wsensor With the plugin as it is now even in its early state you can already set magic-based skills specifically (or any skill) to give a better...
  4. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    Found some time to create a very basic version of the random skill learning method that I mentioned above, where weapons and skills can proc learning another skill in the middle of battle. It's most likely fairly buggy as I don't take things into account like mana or tp costs (I plan on having...
  5. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    Okay, not a HUGE update but it is certainly a big step forward in my opinion. I've added the ability to link this script with my a small CustomStats script I wrote. That means that if you wanted to say, create a whole set of different stats like STR, DEX, INT, WIS, CHA, etc, you'd be able to add...
  6. Battle Formation

    I was hoping someone would make exactly this. I'd be cool if this was released as is with no UI for setting up the grid itself initially because it's not entirely NECESSARY, just helpful for people who aren't used to JSON.
  7. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    Just updated the plugin to 0.27 which comes with some notetag additions and fixes. This might be all of the functionality I really need out of the plugin now (v0.27). One thing I am still going to be adding after this are the option to remove references to levels in menus (which might need to...
  8. Generic Stat Configuration

    Not a problem at all. The plugin will definitely get some use from me and it also helped me track down bugs in my other plugins.
  9. Generic Stat Configuration

    Well, I should probably thank you. I was putting together a quick custom stats plugin for you using some code that I had already written and was running into a weird bug while testing it. Turns out the bug was also in my original, bigger plugin so I had to track down all the various issues and...
  10. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    It is indeed heavily inspired by both Romancing SaGa and FF2. I will most likely be recreating the BP stat to replace MP and the flash skill learning as well in different plugins later. For more though, mostly focusing on the stats. I think my next move is to make this plugin more generic and...
  11. Generic Stat Configuration

    I'm working on something that actually has a similar feature planned for the future. I might be able to strip it down to do just this. It might take me a couple of days to get to it because I'm a little busy but I'll see what I can do.
  12. Random Stat Gains-based Progression System

    I'm in the middle of making a plugin for a game I'm planning to make (imagine that) and I felt like other people might also benefit from having this system I'm putting in place to replace standard leveling. It's heavily based on how character growth works in the SaGa series, meaning that...
  13. Having trouble creating a parameter and then modifying the value with a notetag

    I'm not overriding the defineProperties function in Game_BattlerBase, I'm adding properties to it that I want to use so that doesn't seem to fix it. What I have done, however, is start using the MVC for one. And for another I've kind of cheated by having a global (in the scope of my plugin)...
  14. Having trouble creating a parameter and then modifying the value with a notetag

    So I might just be missing something but here's the problem I've been having. I have added some stats to Game_BatterBase to keep track of some values for me. Normal enough. Object.defineProperties(Game_BattlerBase.prototype, { hpgr: { writable: true, value...

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