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  • I once make 5 minutes visual novel game for my 8 y/o niece where the main mechanic is you named every character / term as you play. She and her friends played it and laughing for hours. Then she asked me to make more short story-like game such as that.

    Small happiness for being a game dev ~
    I keep telling people, the mask are NOT mean to protect you. It's to protect other people from you. That's why sick people wear mask!
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    But what if it protects you from infecting more people(?)
    Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu
    ... you're just twisting my word. But yea, that's the point.
    Sometimes I feel like helping people here ain't worth it...
    I have a dream where RMer are not blinded and too dependant on published script / plugins...
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    Yes, I'm unable to try this, but maybe you could try to just write this and add it as a new plugin.
    MyText = {}
    MyText.sample_01 = "Whatever text you put here"
    Without wrapping it to IIFE and it should work.
    Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu
    That's exactly the first time when I was experimenting. It does work, but I'm too afraid of any unknown consequence.
    Is it really safe?
    it's not a nuclear launch sequence code, should be 100% safe.
    Any also thought it's too cringy to put the word "and you" in your credit as a special thanks?
    Cause that's what I thought...
    @Kupotepo I'm no different. The only difference is that they submit the "test result" on their own by doing comment feedback, stream, or let's play video. Not forcing you to go to online mode and log in to their launcher.
    @TheoAllen, I know what you are talking about "Welcome to Stream." Legal attack would be it is your fail to click an agree button. Transparency is hard to find in the cooperation world, sadly.
    It's really just plain politeness to thank the people who support you and the people playing your game and bothering to download it at all... even in non-commercial endeavours. There's nothing wrong with thanking them for giving your game a shot and there's nothing wrong with your game being a bit hokey. It just shows that you appreciate the time they took to play your ****ty RM game. XD
    * Me start speak in voice chat
    "Lol, you're actually a girl?!"
    (But I'm a guy tho... well, let's just pretend and see how long it will last)
    * Years has passed... I have changed.
    Oof. I have the opposite problem. People hear my voice and they say "wow I never imagined you'd sound like that(deep voice).
    My comic strip idea :
    "Why wear mask? I heard the virus ain't even lethal anyway."
    "The mask is actually to hide our identity so the virus doesn't learn our weaknesses..."
    (meanwhile the viruses)
    "This guy looks tough."
    "Yea, but now that we learned his identity, we know that he lives alone with his old mother."
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    Or the last panel could be referring to the second speaker, like "I don't know who that is! Dx"
    "Mooom! There's a stranger in our house!"
    "Hush! Don't yell in front of your new father!"
    My Heart : "There are lotsa game I wanna play!"
    My Mind : "Be patient... there's time for that."
    My Body : "Guys, we need food!"
    "Moom! I can't sleep. My nose clogged on one side."
    "Just face the other side when sleeping."
    "That doesn't help my problem!"
    *GASP* "IT DOES!"
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    @gstv87, I agree with you that a little allergy is ok to tough up, but the full attack of allergy will give you watery eyes, a lot of stuff nose if you that too much you get a sinus headache, plus ears inflection. I have that. Eyes hear, and throat is interconnected. I do not know how the severity of Kuro DCupu consideration is.
    How are you @gstv87?
    @Kupotepo I went through that a while ago, where I could barely breathe.
    so, I sucked it up and washed everything down with several glasses of vinegar and water.
    not pleasant, but it worked.
    now I'm using the same method on a larger scale: I set a bottle of alcohol to evaporate in my room, which I keep closed, so the alcohol is passively cleaning my air pipes.
    @gstv87, sorry, I am talking in the incomplete sentence. How are you doing today? Thank you for your survival tips. You make a natural nasal spray which is great for emergency time. Thank you.
    When the game doesn't allow you to quit or start over.
    Only CoNtINuE...
    How crazy would it be if the other options read Restart and Quit, but as soon as you clicked them, they only changed into CONTINUE? :D
    ........so, an MMO then.
    Game lagging cause of constant show / move hi-res pictures...
    Gotta improve more on optimization
    Yesterday news : "We built robots to fight corona!"
    Today news : "We found 6 new corona variants. Coffin price keep rising."
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