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    I used to bleed from down there frequently. Turned out I had a decent sized abscess. Caused a lot of pain, and made it impossible to sit...
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    Kid : "MOOOMM! My poop is bloody red!" Me, an intellectual : "There's worm parasite inside your body. You gonna die soon."
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    Drink a water of glass. That should help.
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    The invention of smartphone
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    Kuro DCupu replied to the thread How to make rng fair?.
    Gradual increase in probability is cool. For each FAIL, the probability keep increasing. Then until it SUCCEED, the probability will...
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    O_o really?! Can't believe "Hell" is named after that town...
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    "What do you think the best place to visit on this cold days?" "Hell..."
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    Kuro DCupu replied to the thread Better Event Organization?.
    Nested branch is okay, just don't overdo it. Contrary to my believe, I prefer avoid using labels or exit event processing unless it's...
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    I just noticed the minigame challenge. Now considering...
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    The first one you mentioned is a kind of errand. It was meant to be easy and make you feel smart as a content filler. It's a break for...
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    Alternatively there's a tricky way to achieve the same effect without using plugin, although it's a bit clunky. Here, I have a tutorial...
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    A friend told me to stop making nomnom or gulping noise when eating or drinking. Plot twist of my life. I thought people can't hear that!
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    First, it's called RPG Maker. Tool that designed specifically for making RPG, with "classic dragon quest" esque as its base. Second...
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    Is this related to your other thread from yesterday? Because it's sounds like the very same question, and I already answered that...
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    Kuro DCupu replied to the thread Character/Actor Name Change.
    This is too basic... You write a code in the dialogue to refer it to the character. In this case, it's \N[actorID].
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