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  1. What program is best for making customized sprites?

    What program is best for making customized sprites? I am planning to make some custom sprites just for practicing or for fun. Is MS Paint okay? Photoshop? GIMP?
  2. Raining, lightning and thunder effect help?

    Thanks everyone! I'll try your suggestions. :)
  3. Raining, lightning and thunder effect help?

    Oh, I didn't actually make the light, it's a screenshot from a video of William the Unpro Pro's tutorials. :D Anyway, it's just a transparent picture over the game. It was edited and put on top using the show picture event to make it look like that light is coming out from the window.
  4. Raining, lightning and thunder effect help?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make the outside of the house looks like it is raining outside and there's lightning and thunder just through events? For example, a character wakes up inside a mansion. Of course, there would be windows inside a house. When he wanders around the...
  5. Possibilities of having a mini map in game

    I've seen a video tutorial for that. :) It's in Youtube. Here's the video link: It's actually the part 8 of How to make a Horror Game by William The Unpro Pro. He's also got a bunch of tuts on RPG Maker VX Ace so if you want to learn something about RPG Maker VX Ace, you can watch his...
  6. Larger Sprites with Behavior

    Thank you so much. This is what I am looking for. Thank you again. :)
  7. Larger Sprites with Behavior

    I like Mack style sprites like this: I actually found a generator online. Is there a way to find some behaviors for these sprites? For example, kneeling.
  8. Larger Sprites with Behavior

    Hello. Does anyone know where can I get templates for larger sprites with behavior? 
  9. How can I change the player's walking speed?

    Oh, oh, I get it! :D Thank you so much everyone! I was so dumb. XP I didn't get it until you gave me a demo. I'm so sorry. :) I'm really new so I don't know so many options yet. :) Thank you again! :D
  10. How can I change the player's walking speed?

    I get what you say, but I am actually a little confused since I am very new to RPG Maker Ace, haha. XD I followed what you suggested me to do, but I can only do that to NPC's and not the player I am controlling. What I want to change is the player's(the one that is controlled with the arrow...
  11. How can I change the player's walking speed?

    Oh, I think what you helped me with is the NPC's speed. The one I'm actually asking for is how to change the speed of your character itself. Can I change that actor's speed? For example, I am currently playing the game; when I move my character with the arrow keys it moves faster than the...
  12. How can I change the player's walking speed?

    Hi. I am totally new to RPG Maker VX Ace and I am currently learning. I have a question. How can I change the player's walking speed? And by player, I mean the character/sprite that you/gamer moves. I noticed in some rpgmaker games like Ib, Misao, Mad Father, The Sandman, and other similar...

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