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  • I started a series of a commerical game. I hoping by the end I would learn whats make a RPG maker game good. Free or priced, length or quality?
    I get it, it's not for everyone. The art isn't grabbing me, so that leaves me with the story and gameplay and by playing it I can study details about the dev and the the world they want me to be immersed.
    @RCXGaming In fairness Shadow Fate is one of the best games I've ever played, and coming on the back of that anything would have struggled to impress me.
    @Trihan I just looked at it, does look like a good game since im dabbling in my frist (second) commerical game, (this time without the Dev over my shoulder hip guiding me)
    Lunar: Bronze Barren Book Incompleted

    as a lunar fan I hope this fan games does get finished

    Stop me if you know this song * Clears Throat*
    ♫I don't feel a thing
    And I stop remembering
    The days are just like moments turned to hours♫
    "I don't dislike game devs playing their own games"

    To be honest this isn'tmy game in the first half of the video. I was playing the game of someone I met on another social media site. I just happen to upload thier video becuse I didn't know I could upload here so I missed the time to share his work.
    "I've got to admit I can't spent over 4 hours watching a gameplay or replay."
    Same, my favortie Let's players upload in 1- 55 min chunks. I would do that too but I don't know how many people actually enjoy my content to do episodes of RPG maker games in parts, well Im going to find that out this week. other solution is that you watch it in parts 30min segments/ per day.
    As long as this exist I can never looks at Christmas the same again... I will forever remember that time. i played...
    This is kinda kinda old I been wraping my updates with other games and not bothering to clip them out , I should do a dedicated short stream one day.
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When I first gave my gf The Mask Behind the Dream as a present little did I know how much she would fall in love with @averys gnomes. They all now play a major role in our game and I get constantly spammed with fanarts from my girlfriend :D And like the true gothic girl she is, she had to alter the designs a bit, to make them more creepy and dark haha230776-df5feb263d7a7ff294cfb260ee16432c.jpg
Hi sweethearts! :kaoluv: Check out my review of @EntangledPear's totally oldskool The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of!
When you spend all day at work distracted by things you want to work on or try in your project and then by the time you get home, you are too mentally tired to concentrate so you just browse the forum instead and think of more things you won’t get to work on for a while.
Time to write some enemy behaviors, here's the stream link for those interested.

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