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    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    good lord ya flipping pulled it off O.O your a bloody legend! I am currently working on a demo for a traditional RPG with MZ but I kept my Mog Project to experiment with or make more characters for the future, but later when I get the chance I will tell u or email the results of your work. i...
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    RMMZ Linear Motion Battle System (Tales of)

    for MZ, I don't think there is anything there yet. so honestly, it might be worth delving into. I remember using the LMBS in MV and it was on the right track, outside of a few missing additions like something that can effectively do combos or knockbacks/knock-ups. outside of that, a battle...
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    Cyclone Map Editor - MZ and MV

    so far the tool has been pretty bloody good! feels a bit more better when editing in game in test play. gonna try how it manages big maps soon.
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    Using Moghunter's LMBS to emulate Gunvolt/MegaMan?

    i have been tempted to make such a game myself, just that i dont own Pixel game maker yet, so kina in the rough with that one DX. i have used this battle system quite a bit, its decent, but well, been a while since its gotten any form of support (im personally after some form of knock back or...
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    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    no update regarding it unfortunately. but hey, it might happen, and if worse comes to worse, i might have to save up to request a commission
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    [Moghunter]RMV – LMBS (Linear Motion Battle System)->Enemy Damage interaction<-

    (note: i am not 100% sure if this belongs in requests or support, so if it turns out this is more support then request then its fine if this gets moved accordingly o.o) Hello, sup and hi (in that order) Decided to start up a bit of a fresh thread regarding this but worth a mention. I started...
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    HELP! Need a scripter to discuss about MOG LINEAR battle plugin

    sorry bout the resuscitation of this post, but the code posted here kina caught my interest. does this relate to any of firststef's requests? (i am most interested in the 3rd request, controlling the enemies movement with skills like an attack with knockback and so on.
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    Maximum Battle Members

    considering the teams AI. i kind of switch and change the team amounts. story mode characters = depends on the event, but i try not to go over 3 due to the AI, who may get wiped out and suddenly tank every op attack the enemies do. mercenary characters/non story = when not in a story area, then...
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    RMMV In to the Wild - Platform game with MV

    sweet nanners i wanna pat u X.X but yeh this is a really impressive script to mess around with.
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    Ragna the RPG Edge

    thanks X.X ive started looking at other characters from games/animes that i could try and do in an RPG form. when i get better i could make a sprite-sheet for them, or use a generator. one of the 2 could work.
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    Ragna the RPG Edge

    I had no internet for a while, and during a match against a friend in blazblue i was like... i wonder if i could make him in RPG maker, this was the result of that. what do lot think? Tools used: Rpg Maker MV Adobe Photoshop Lack Of Internet if i was better it would be possible to make the...
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    MOG Linear Battle system MV [Knockback Extension]

    Bump (boop sounds better but i shall bump) also learned how to easily string skills into boss like movements. so i can have a bit of fun with that while practising. still got the combo issue but i may try and learn after my current piece.
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    What is Luck good for in RPGMV?

    yeah, but in a way its possible to get really creative with the luck state, depending on characters or even temporary items. Basically messing around with the power of Rng
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    SRD Character Creator

    dang, this is a really great plugin O.O i cant really use it for my game considering its battle system but in itself, i imagined one with customisation characters from the start. really is what i imagined. Kudos
  15. KuroVuster Literally everyone when distracted while working Literally everyone when distracted while working

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