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  1. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    It has been a while and my creativity kinda hitted a block. But i have kinda kept trying different things for Mysteries of Garius. Trying to learn how to use Gimp so maps would be slightly more detailed for Mv:s parts that first one is already progres planning stage. Paralax mapping how ever...
  2. RMMV Dungeons & Cutscenes Videos & Item Tests

    Wow your dungeons are so diverse :elhappy: really nice work. How you made that rope go other side and pulling those levelers, crafting etc. I myself only learned to make dialogue and some simple events so i have looong way to go before i can do something like you did with my maps or events.
  3. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Hi all o/ here is little update about progress. Mapping and eventing Javascripting is kind of hard for me to get handle or do unfortunately for time being, not sure if can ever get hang of it but we see. Photoshop is something i consider try to get or maybe gimp, since it would make easier...
  4. How many maximum battle skills should an actor have for the whole game?

    I am kind of same situation with skills myself here Plane :). Doing my first vx ace project trying to make character class from scratch and skills for it. Planned priest, paladin and mage classes in party so total of 4 members. All are learned from lvl up so very basic since i am newbie beginner...
  5. Avy's Icon Workshop [Update Jan 2021]

    I own vx ace and just while a go got mv in sale :). Your mv icon set is amazing. I am wondering can i download it somewhere in here for my non commercial projects ?.
  6. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Small update of this month I chosed rpg maker mv for part 1 Mysteries of Garius the beginning. Mostly cause its what i can afford currently + it has lot of guides etc here. I need to learn how it works from the scratch so ... :elswt2: now i cant estimate when i can start to make part 1 :rtear...
  7. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Small update as of progress Well i have done first part of left side continent ready, i need probably tweak a bit couple events so that greeting messages with npc: run after the event has runned. Secondary event page to work/run properly in other words :elswt2: slowly get hang on with simple...
  8. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Another update :LZScool: Well i realized that if i wish to do game with multiple parts... i might wish to create decently solid back ground and world.:elswt: those i need also revisit world map which i largely deleted leaving only left side which i had made ready and i am planning to use for...
  9. RMMV Blades of Twilight [Tactical RPG]

    Your game sounds really interesting, i am still learning mapping, how to make events. It is amazing what you can possible do with rpg maker. Your game and what you have planned gived me lot of inspiration to look some more customization :yhappy: as i slowly learn. I definatelly want to try your...
  10. Love of gaming

    I would say to me personally it is exploration, the enviroment and music if they are beautifully made i could just enjoy them :yhappy: Skyrim and final fantasy 14 have done this quite nicely and i often just curry away to see what i can find around next bush or corner :ywink:
  11. 2021 Goals and Progress Thread

    My goal is well i try get better with mapping and slowly learn make events. :kaoluv: i have still lot to learn. I try also make some kind of demo version of game that i am developing that could be played by others :yhappy: that is my ultimate goal this year. Happy new year to everyone :kaoluv:
  12. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Here is small update :LZSsmile: Battle system Yan fly battle engine. I think i am going to use it for now as it shows damage numbers on you and your enemy, animations of status effects and magic. I also use original system since its easier for me to balance fight with enemies and figure out...
  13. RMXP Ahriman's Prophecy: Prequel to Aveyond (REBOOT) [DEMO AVAILABLE]

    I think i tried ahriman prophesy some years a go. Didnt realize it was rpg maker i liked enviroment and music. I think i tried aveyond also some years a go was it first part ? and i liked its music also. I Played first ff game in snes emulator mm 9 years a go and i have ever since...
  14. RMVXA My Idea that i have making Villainous char for my first project

    Well after pondering a bit, would i have 4 party members or do i go 6 or maybe 8. I suddenly thought:popcorn: what if i would make one of the party members what you would call villain in fantasy games ?:LZYhuh:. It might give goofy and fresh approach to story and also show bit how those dark...
  15. Games that inspired you

    Hmm...lets see...I am just starting my first project. It is for my own fun and i am thinking eventually making one for here too. I am newbie so probably going to use lot of base materials and custom some own. What inspired it was Phantasy star 4, Final fantasy 4 and 6. There was rpg maker game...

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