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    For the MV you can go to the root folder and change on the standard scripts/plugins 'n data json. For the Ace you can create a default...
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    Take away shows are the bomb. I love these shows in particular: Beirut, Fleet Foxes, The Wombats, and Yeasayer.
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    This channel and La Blogothéque <3 :
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    Please recommend me some free games made with vxa or mv and done/complete. Obviously I like rpgs. I like dark stuff. I like scifi...
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    Memories of Mana from Monghunter: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/projects/memories-of-mana/ Nocturne: Rebirth ...
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    Tactics System | 1.0 by arleq1n Download Link Introduction The Tactics System is a tactical battle system for RPG Maker MV. It...
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    GL_Fog : 1.01 Author : Chaucer Introduction : A simple plugin which utilizes webgl to create randomized fog, no images required! Not...
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    Taoism and stoicism have great synergy. Im especially interested in the concept of wu wei it seems very compatible
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    Why is it so hard to accept existential stoicism? To insist stoics must be deterministic is like insisting God couldnt create evolving...
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    There is the neo-stoicism on modern days, minimalism. But in overall about this concepts, I tend to follow up the "idea" of the Tao...
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    Finally with a new PC, I'm playing: The Witcher 3, Forza Horizon 4, GTA 4 (soon, I was lucky to have it already before it gets deleted...
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    Hahaha c'mon you can buy one, at least for you will be more cheap hauha I have to wait 8 years, for me to able to buy one (I mean...
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    Can you use it to program me some sort of Jealousy-Manager? Bc I want a new PC! XD
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    Finally with a new PC! Now I can do nice things both coding and gaming
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    Well xD

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Guys this thread is so good and you should be reading it.
Once again have another case of an Android user losing all of their save files for all of my games after a single game update. Apparently even Yanfly's Save Core can't prevent it. Very frustrating.
Question! If anyone here has any of the Time Fantasy tiles, or the Omega Modern one, do they include character templates/bases/whatever the term is?
Had to edit the water tiles of Jason Perry's (final boss blues) beach tile set. I'm an animator now. :guffaw:

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