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  • Now all RGSS based engines can make States become a condition Actors must meet to be able to use Skills.
    (The Scripts are still waiting for a moderator's approval so please be patient.)
    Have you gone through a situation where somebody gets desperate about an issue only because they kept ignoring, for quite some time, THE very same solution they were asking for the whole time?
    I've crossed that bridge a couple of times already. XD
    Did you know that the OGG file (actually a container) can also hold a FLAC codec and not just Vorbis?
    Since RM starting from XP uses libtheora, meaning that it will only play OGGs with the Vorbis codec. :S
    Anyway, a FLAC codec makes the files way larger than its Vorbis counterpart.
    It's not exactly accurate. Ogg files don't have a FLAC codec. Files that use a FLAC codec are generally saved as .flac. File formats are an arbitrary thing however and you can save a FLAC file as an ogg.
    Modern audio players have no issues with playing audio files in wrong format extension, because they don't look at the file format extension, but at the codec signature.
    Well, it's not like it's the wrong format. OGG itself is a container so there's nothing "bad" about using Speex or FLAC instead of Vorbis. I say this based on's documentation page on OGG.
    You: "I came up with a new amazing feature for my game!"
    They: "Can I use it as a skill?"
    You: "Skill batteries not included. :p "
    I've been wondering as of late if I should add a new feature to KFactions Menu where you can keep a record of any of the leaders' most (in)famous quotations.
    And finally KFactions Menu ACE has showed up!

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    It definitely is a work in progress. XD

    oooh that's something I'm going to need so bad! :LZSjoy: I tried different faction systems during the last days but I always ended up getting rid of them because they're not what I want.
    Well, send me a list of "must have" elements for a nice factions system via DM then. XD
    Sketches would help as well.
    Thinking about my first serious(?) game & I've already picked my leitmotifs, namely some elections and a crime. It's called "The Tricksy Candidate."
    Take care of a fictional mayoral or gubernatorial or presidential election by carefully choosing your candidate's proposals & paying visits to your potential voters.
    Later on things could go ugly as to make you choose a detective to find out what happen to one of them.
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    Ah yes, the most thrilling part of life: government. The only other thing in life that gets me that excited is taxes. I think you already have your sequel figured out.
    Well, you gotta be tired by now of the typical FF like plot where the heroes live in a peaceful kingdom that suddenly gets invaded by an evil empire.
    Most stories are revered for how they tell their story, and the themes contained within the story - it's hardly ever about what the story itself is about. So, really, my comment before was just a joke. I personally would never consider stocks and investments an interesting story either, but the Wolf of Wallstreet exists. So again, it's not really what the story is about, it's how the story is told.
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updated with new code.. Hope this work
Been working on new characters and outfits, no bodysuit!
doesnt mean she's not mechanical :kaopride:
Sneak peek on what I'm working on (don't mind the tileset, it's placeholder)

Going to make my Anniebelle dolls into murderous cowards, when the lights go out they swarm, otherwise they flee and attack from a distance...

....just look at those beady little eyes. Terrifying! :kaoswt:

Stream for those who like to watch. :LZSwink:
So I sent my game demo to be entered into a game showcase. They asked if I had a website for my game. So I listed my game page here. I don't know if that will count or not.

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