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    Script Issue

    You gotta know a few things in order to handle scripts properly. class, module, def, if, unless, while, until, loop or loop do, times, do, for and sometimes even each are reserved terms in Ruby. If you used any of them, you need a corresponding end reserved term to finish that block of code...
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    Use icons instead of currency name for this script?

    I don't think it's completely true that there aren't enough RGSS scripters around, actually there are about a ten or dozen here at least. The issue is that this kind of requests aren't really appealing to veteran scripters, especially if they gotta care about modifying other scripters' works...
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    [RMXP] Script that allows you to load fonts as spritesheets like in GameMaker Studio?

    Think about this, would you make a separate spritesheet for all different font sizes? It'd be easy if you only had a single font size but what if you've set 5 or even more sizes? So you'd have to either scale the spritesheet (making it look blurry) or make bigger and bigger spritesheets... :S...
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    Checking in a script if a given state is in effect.

    Let's say rate could have been left untouched just to let the user recall what it is all about. Concerning target... yeah, that would throw a NoMethodError message at once. Only if you need to make it afflict an enemy or any other actor, you would need to specify target, probably by adding a...
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    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    Try this scriptlet. It also includes the load saved game file feature. # * AutoSave GameFile # Scripter : Kyonides Arkanthes # * Script Calls * # # GameFile.load module GameFile FILENAME = 'AutoSaveGame' # Actual save game filename no extension def
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    Checking in a script if a given state is in effect.

    You can also write it like this: class Game_Battler < Game_BattlerBase def item_hit(user, item) rate = target.state?(5)? 0.5 : 1.0 # Lower hit rate to 50% if target has specific state. end end return is unnecessary since rate is the last value read or calculated in that method of yours. It's...
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    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    Nah, that would make it worse since the variable is equal to nil not zero 0 so it's easier to skip the $game_system.autosave_count line since it's not mandatory to include it in sebarz's game AFAIK.
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    Autosave script ¿it is possible? ¿exists?

    For the time being you could just place a pound symbol # right before that line that includes it, that's what we usually call to comment out some darn line.
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    Windows 10 is Unsafe According to NSA

    Perhaps somebody should start a new thread to discuss the best antivirus available out there... Or just start using Linux or MacOSX if you prefer. :D
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    Windows 10 is Unsafe According to NSA

    Beware, Windows 10 Users For Your Cyber Safety is in Danger! The US National Security Agency (NSA) has discovered a major flaw in Windows 10 that could have been used by hackers to create malicious software that looked legitimate. That's how the following article begins its explanation on...
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    Urge to Upgrade Firefox

    If you're using Mozilla Firefox 71 or older, you better pay attention to this serious warning! You can read the MacRumors article here: And then you can also double check it here as well...
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    Help with deleting bitmaps

    Next suggestion... module Cache # filepath example: 'Graphics/Battlers/Angel' def self.dispose(filepath, hue = 0) key = hue > 0 ? [filepath, hue] : [filepath] @cache[key].dispose rescue nil @cache.delete(key) end end
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    Help with deleting bitmaps

    KK was close to the solution but it can be reduced to its minimum expression. module Cache # filepath example: 'Graphics/Battlers/Angel' def self.dispose(filepath, hue = 0) key = [filepath] key << hue if hue != 0 @cache[key].dispose @cache.delete(key) end end It's weird how this board...
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    Casper CSCA Encyclopedia Crash

    for i in 0..$data_enemies.size That's real nonsense! There's no enemy 0 (replace it with 1) nor enemy size like in 100 because the array actually has 101 elements. You'd need to add a third dot there to prevent any issues that might show up later on.
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    KEndure XP

    KEndure XP + VX + ACE by Kyonides Arkanthes Introduction I introduce you to...:aswt: Nope, it's not Aluxes, it's a new script indeed! It was inspired by a fellow RM user's request by the way... It's just some sort of endurance or sturdy + anti-sturdy set of states! :confused: This means...

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