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    Change Tile Size

    Yeah, if you have to update the project as well that must have been it, because I ported stuff over before I updated the maker. I'll update my project as well, don't want anything else to go wrong.
  2. Kyonko802

    Change Tile Size

    Hello, I seem to be having an issue, but I'm not sure what's causing it. I saw people earlier in the thread talking about black lines and screen tearing, but it seems the issue resolved itself for them. Not so with me. I tried importing everything, and I set everything up the way you have...
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    Custom Sprites and Faceset

    If you're looking to commission art and sprites for your game right this very minute you could check art sites. I got my current artist from Deviantart and hired a separate one to do battle sprites. Thing about DevArt is it can be a bit of a pain slogging through all the mediocre stuff to find...
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    Will this work for stat progression outside of battle?

    Okay, I'm using Andar and Evgenij's Ability System script for skill acquisition in my game. The player has to go to a trainer to spend the skill points they get on getting skills and growing their stats. I don't want stat progression to come from leveling up. My question is thus. If I...
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    Theolized Sideview Battle System (In Game Editor + Version 2 Coming Soon)

    Okay, I'm a complete newbie with scripting so I'm just gonna go ahead and ask. This time I swear it's an actual problem I'm having and not something stupid I overlooked. For a certain attack sequence I want the enemy to move in, then I want both the enemy and his target to disappear, and then...
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    December Goals & Progress Thread

    I'm gonna start replying to these to make it easier to stick to my guns. By the end of the month I want the battle system of my game to be ready for alpha with a few enemies. I'll start filling the hub city with NPCs and tweak the maps to make them look better. My forest map needs a lot of work...
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    Man, there's a script for everything.

    Man, there's a script for everything.
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    Fun unique ideas for equipments.

    The armor and weapon system in my game is... different. Instead of "Oh you get this piece of armor and it's stronger than that armor." it's kind of a character building thing. Every armor and weapon has advantages and disadvantages. Like you have your regular sword, and then you have a sword...
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    Theolized Sideview Battle System (In Game Editor + Version 2 Coming Soon)

    Okay, having a bit of a problem here. I thought I had everything good to go and figured out. I know how to set up the animations and everything looks stellar, except for one, tiny, itty bitty little thing. I can't get the built in damage counter to show up on anything aside from the normal...
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    Debug Rooms

    I set the starting point to where ever the event is then just start a new game. Later on I'll have to start setting switches and stuff to test out story events, but it's a method that works for me. I might make a debug room when the game gets bigger but for now I'm good.
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    Already Seeing Completed MV Games Being Sold

    Nothing out that quick will be worth the money. Not even with the lewd bits.
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    Giving credit for odds and ends

    Credits are an ever looming beast behind me that grows larger and larger as the days go by. When my game is finished it will be a lumbering hulk that will take me days to tackle. If I put them in a file somewhere I'll either lose it, accidentally delete it, or otherwise screw up. Besides...
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    Natural progression of making games

    I made some crappy games I never released. Now I'm back, primarily working with VX Ace because MV doesn't have the plug-ins I need and I'm not used to it yet. I'll probably make my next game in MV, but that won't be for a couple of years since the project I'm on now is rather large. I've learned...
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    Possible to use Conditional Branch to change a tile image?

    You can set the move route for the door event from the event you're using to open it. Try this: Turn Left Wait 3 Frames Turn Right Wait 3 Turn Up That's the standard door animation. Edit: Hmm, I'll be a bit more specific since that was kind of weirdly said. When you go into the set move...
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    Main protagonist using strong language?

    Everyone cusses. No one, however, says the f word five times a sentence unless they are drunk or have limited intelligence or vocabulary. Military and ex military cuss more often but still not every other word. Just try to keep it believable and you'll be fine.

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