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  • Okay, I need opinions! I'm working on an asset pack with a very specific style, would it be better to go ahead and upload it to itch.io upon completion, or wait to make a tileset or two to accompany it due to the style being different? Theoretically, if you were looking to buy it, what would be the better option? (sprites alone- there will be 10 minimum- would be $2, unsure of how much pack would be with a tileset).
    Ah, I feel having more matching assets would help, personally. You could also upload the sprites alone, and announce plans to release tiles, more sprites, etc in the future?
    You could always release the tilesets separately and make a bundle containing everything?
    @apothicamaranth @RachelTheSeeker Thank you! I'll likely go with that, announcing that I do plan to make matching sets and make a bundle when all of the woodland sets are completed. <3
    I kind of wish people would stop being so harsh on younger kids (like 12-13 y/os). Let's maybe stop hating on them for just... enjoying things? Yes, it's good to point out bad stuff, but not, for example, calling a kid "cringe" for liking a game. It's kind of sad to see how we just hate on kids for enjoying things that aren't even problematic.
    Frustrated, as always. I took a break from working on games and when I turned back to working on them again, bam! Slapped in the face with more errors. Such is the pain of working on any project, I suppose.
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I'm curious, how many hours in RPG Maker do you have? I'm clocked in at 2100 hours on MV and the vast majority of it is for one game. I wish I could track how much I used XP back in the day, I was on it a lot.
Why is it so early? Can I have twenty more minutes of sleep, please?
Do you like this design?

Im watching Depp vs Heard and keep thinking: "Wouldnt it be fun if her middle name was Lisa? Then she'd be Amber L. Heard. Sounds like Amber Alert."

Then I found out her middle name is Laura.
Yeaah, pallarax mapping


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