I'm a mother of two, a trained Electronic Engineering Technician and I love to write and draw.
My writing is generally fantasy based, tending towards high fantasy with the occasional modern fantasy. Right now, my largest writing project is a Fanfiction based on Skyrim and Dragon Age with my second largest being the writing portion of my WIP game Starshard: Riverlords.
Illustration wise, I draw varied things but currently working on practicing backgrounds.

I love RPGs, story based games and simulation games. Currently, I'm alternating between Frostpunk and Sheltered. I love love love post apocalyptic rpg/simulation games or any one that requires me to build up and survive.

I'm currently working on two games. Starshard: Riverlords and Verloren: Starcrossed.
Starshard was been a WIP for a few years now but is a High Fantasy / Steampunk RPG about a young woman discovering that reality isn't quite what she thought it was. I ended up combining it with my entry for IGMC 2018 River Lord. River Lord was a High Fantasy game about a person growing up and dealing with the unfortunate changes adulthood brings them. Starshard: Riverlords takes the stories of both and combines it as I found them to be a lot similar after I took a look at where I wanted them to go.

Verloren: Starcrossed is a Visual Novel based on one of my short stories. It's a sort of Lost in Space Otome focusing on a mechanic aboard a Diplomatic vessel. It's basically my go to for when I find I'm putting too much stuff in Starshard so who knows if it'll ever get finished.
August 22
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Mom of Two, Electronic Engineering Tech, Happy to write and Draw
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Writing, Illustration, Video Games, Movies, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Genres
Electronic Engineering Technician


Starshard: Riverlord | Noavel Manor | Verloren: Starcrossed | Steel And Shadow
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