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    RMMV Math Maven - One Map Challenge

    @Kupotepo and @akoniti : Thank you both. I am working on a larger project based upon this simple design.
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    RMMV Switches, switches, switches and more switches

    Were you able to download? Link is dead for me. Edit: Sorry. Just noticed that the later link was, in fact, a link. Easily downloaded.
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    Randomized Words?

    Put all your item names in an array and do the same as you did for words. Q #1 - What items have you already included in your game? Q #2 - Will you be adding an item to the player's inventory?
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    This is so perfect! Thank you very much. Works like a charm and now I can move on to adding details to the game.
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    Randomized Words?

    Unless you can give a clearcut example of what 'randomize multiple words in a sentence means,' I'm afraid I'm fresh out of ideas. Use different variables, same concept.
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I have a need to place a list in a javascript variable as an array and then pick a random element of that array. I can do that with this event The displayed variable looks like this and I get the expected outcome ..... but, when I input that same text from a textfile, written the exact...
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    Randomized Words?

    That's because you are displaying variable 0001 instead of variable 0003. Change to Good, good. That means you are \v[3] and the marketing can begin. Variable 0001 is holding the entire array (list of words). When you select one word, then that one word goes in to variable 0003. Make that...
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    Randomized Words?

    I used this block of text...
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    Randomized Words?

    Okay, since you're not very good at explaining what you DO want to do, maybe you are better at explaining what you DO NOT want to do. Start with this It puts an array of words in variable 0001, selects a random number in variable 0002, and pulls out that random word, then stores that random...
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    Randomized Words?

    A variable is a labelled virtual box that you use to store something in. So, in the game, you have a bunch of control values you can use to store data. The data can either be numerical or a string. Basically, a numerical is anything that can be used in a math equation, for instance 3 or...
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    Randomized Words?

    I also wanted to read data from an external text file. I found this plugin by Ozubon that seems to work well for what I need. Note that Ozubon clearly states the plugin won't work with mobile/android devices. And, because it uses Node J.S., I'm not even sure it will work on a Mac. But it...
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    And do you expect any RMW store bundle to be announced prior to the end of the pre-order period?
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    I so wanted to preorder immediately, but I don't have a Steam account and see no reason to join. So looks like I should hold off on the preorder, because I am definitely interested in the bundle.
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    RMMV Arthur - My first RPGMaker Game

    Played your game last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hard to believe you completed the game within the 20 day trial period. It's obvious that you are not new to RPG's, though. The dry wit parody approach had me laughing all the way through, well, except for those times when the storyline...
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    Request for pendant necklace MV

    Thought I would post a screenshot of my character wearing Avery's beautiful necklace. (Note, I added an extra link to the righthand side because the necklace didn't quite fit around the high collar. I hope I didn't spoil the artwork by doing so.) Therese wearing her amulet I am not an artist...

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