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    Equipment Variables

    @The_Black_Knight With just the plugin by itself, it's not possible right now. But you could probably use SumRndmDde's Equip Comparison Upgrade to add those parameters to the equip screen.
  2. LadyBaskerville

    Looking for a script that allows actor sideview battlers to use a single image

    I wrote a tiny Javascript snippet for that before, but it hasn't been extensively tested. Just copy this code into a new js file and add it as a plugin (filename doesn't matter): Sprite_Actor.prototype.updateFrame = function() {; var bitmap...
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    Implementing a 1st-person "Grid" battle system

    You might be able to use Yanfly's Area of Effect and/or Row Formation plugin to create a system like this. (I haven't used either of them myself, just going from their descriptions.)
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    Equipment Variables

    Updated to version 1.03: Added compatibility with HIME_EquipSlotsCore. When using both plugins, make sure to place this plugin below Hime's.
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    Compatibility issue with LB_EquipVariables and HIME_EquipSlotsCore Plugin

    Sorry for the late reply, I hadn't had time to look into it properly before today. Please download this version and replace your current EquipVariables with it. Keep it below Hime's plugin like you had it when the error messages came up. The game should start again, but I haven't done too much...
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    Enemy Troop Placement with Resolution changes with Community Basic Plugin

    I have written two small plugins to help with enemy placement in such situations - you can find the link to them in my signature under "Misc Javascript Snippets".
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    LadyBaskerville's Miscellaneous Javascript Snippets

    Update: Fixed a bug with the Weapon Over Actor snippet that would occur when an actor had no weapon equipped.
  8. LadyBaskerville

    Compatibility issue with LB_EquipVariables and HIME_EquipSlotsCore Plugin

    Does it make any difference if you change the order of those two plugins in the Plugin Manager? Also, could you please press F8 when the error comes up and show a screenshot of the console window that opens then?
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    Music and SFX question with dlc?

    From what I've seen, there are usually samples for the music packs in the store on this site here: Maybe some packs that don't have samples on Steam have them here?
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    Help with LadyBaskerville's Summoning Plugin

    I will see if I can add an option to let the summoned actor take an action in the turn they were summoned. The problem is that this would change the normal flow of the default turn based battle (i.e. action selection for all actors -> actions being executed in order depending on agility; when...
  11. LadyBaskerville

    I'm having a bug with the script WeaponOverActor

    I couldn't test it yet, but try replacing the plugin's content with this: /*: * @plugindesc For sideview battle, change the order in which weapon and actor are drawn. * @author LadyBaskerville * * @help * Use the notetag <Weapon Over Actor> in the actor or weapon notebox * to draw the...
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    Like Kes and Shaz said, please make a post in the thread or create a new thread in Plugin...

    Like Kes and Shaz said, please make a post in the thread or create a new thread in Plugin Support and @ me there so I will see it. When you do, please give more details (preferably screenshots) of how you set up the actors and their equipment before the error occurs. I have an idea what might be...
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    Plagiarism and Indie Game Development

    In general, just familiarize yourself with the engine, try out a few things, see what you can create with the base features and whichever scripts you find that fit with your needs. Maybe even learn scripting yourself if you find it would be helpful and programming is something you are somewhat...
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    More HUD Faces - Extension for Moghunter's Battle, Party, and Actor HUDs

    @Lonewulf123 It only works with the Actor/Battle/Party HUD plugins right now. I do want to update it to include more of Moghunter's plugins eventually, but I can't say when I will get to that :kaoswt2:
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    Plagiarism and Indie Game Development

    Both random encounters and turn-based battles are already part of the default RMXP engine, no need for scripts there :) For other features you need that aren't part of the default engine (like the monster capture system) you can either try to recreate them with events or look for scripts that...

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