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    RMMV Winter - A Samurai tale (New version LIVE! Better graphics and a little of voice acting!)

    Hello, I just have uploaded a new version of the demo where a weird bug that make the player get stuck in the pink lake was fixed. This new version is save compatible (in theory I hope...) See you soon!
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    Stop!!! Please stop!!!

    So, last time a create a thread asking what you think we're the most frustrating things about creating RPG maker games (and it is very fascinating to see that some people hate what you love and vice versa). Now I am curious to know what you think are the annoying things that other devs do? If...
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    RMMV Winter - A Samurai tale (New version LIVE! Better graphics and a little of voice acting!)

    I know only two RPG maker games with this setting (mine included)
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    RMMV Winter - A Samurai tale (New version LIVE! Better graphics and a little of voice acting!)

    Hello, Yes, it is weird that in the RPG maker community where we have so many people who enjoy Japanese culture, there are almost no samurai games. For the tile sets I used the RPG Maker MV - Twilight Shrine: Japanese Resource Pack, RPG Maker MV - Call of Darkness: Japanese Resource Pack and...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    I hope it will be fun, I cannot wait to release my game to the world!
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    I wanna review your RPGM game (CLOSED)

    Wow this book seems amazing, it is a shame that it is SOOOOO hard to find Japanese literature here in France where I live... well, good luck with your blog I really enjoy your writing style
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    I wanna review your RPGM game (CLOSED)

    Hello, can I suggest my demo? It does not have knights or marmalade, but it has Samurai, and samurai are sooooo coooooool. I really enjoyed your blog! (man I am so nostalgic about reading blogs)
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    RMMV Isekai Cowboy

    This seems amazing, I will play the demo!
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    RMMV The Ghost of Paris (Download Link Available)

    As a Frenchman, this game picks my interest. I will play and then tell you what I think.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    This is a map I'm pretty proud of. I think I have good skills in creating simple but visually interesting maps and I really like how I can feel the personality in each of the houses. And now, in-game:
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    For you what is the most frustating thing about making a RPG maker game?

    Hello, I decided to create this thread so that I (and other creators) can put out of our hearts the frustrations and inconveniences that bother us deeply when we are creating games. Because I love RPG maker since my childhood (even if I never managed to finish a game... yet), there are really...
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    Mechanics you dislike

    I know what I'm going to say is going to be polemical, but: Turn-base battle. And yes, it's possible to make this mechanic fun, there are plenty of games that can do that (some of my favorite games have this mechanic) but most of the time in RPG maker games it comes down to boring but bearable...
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    FREE Artist for Hire! I WILL DRAW FOR FREE

    Would you be interested in a game that is not horror? Because I love your style.

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