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  • Hi I was looking at your post because I also had issues with Cannot Read Property Width of Null.

    I found it had to do with events trying to call resources (the picture) before it had a chance to load. Preloader fixed this for me 1000% but then I had trouble with eternal load screen... will check later.

    Let me know if you ever fixed your issue at least.
    Bastrophian in the world did you write a status this long O__o ? Tell me your secrets!!!!
    omg lol i thought this was private message :p profile post -_- oops... anyway i edited my original. hope it helps :) no secret, i guess they pushed up the limit.
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This video really speaks to me...

Stream will be live shortly with a session of the interactive text adenture! Feel free to drop by!
I worked a lot more today and I am thinking about Youtube videos to make to my channel, but I am still looking for some content :D

But I am happy to be back at work :D
Update... no scam calls all day. I think they learned their lesson. And I'm working on a fake anti-piracy video, featuring a fan game I'm making in MV. If I had the permission to make the game a licensed game that I could sell (rather than having it totally free like fan games are required to be), I'd use a really cool anti-piracy screen...

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