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  1. YEP: Action Sequence Packs not Working after BattleEngineCore Update

    To be honest I can't find any version-info at the top at all? If it helps, the file is dated 2015//10/20.
  2. YEP: Action Sequence Packs not Working after BattleEngineCore Update

    Thanks for your responses! So eventhough I didn't use the exact order, I already ordered them so they should be working. However, I just used Aloe's Tool to rearrange everything so it's definitely in the right order now. Sadly it didn't solve the problem. I'm also pretty sure I downloaded all...
  3. YEP: Action Sequence Packs not Working after BattleEngineCore Update

    There seems to be a lot, but this happens just after changing the BattleCoreEngine, nothing else.
  4. YEP: Action Sequence Packs not Working after BattleEngineCore Update

    Hello there, to use some other new Scripts I need to update Yanfly's BattleEngineCore. However, as soon as I do just that, all the Action Sequence Scripts stop working (I did a lot with those Action Sequences so they probably get called all the time). The Error appears whenever a battle is...
  5. MV Generator - Can't load/save jsons

    Couldn't find the thread you mentioned yet, but I'll just assume I'm blind and I'll discover it sooner or later. If it's a know issue I'm sorry, thanks for still taking the time to reply :)
  6. MV Generator - Can't load/save jsons

    My problem in itself is pretty simple: When I try to open one of my Generator Json files  it works as intended in the beginning. I get the same directory as always and my jsons are still getting shown in there. However, if  I want to "open" it the window just disappears and nothing...
  7. Sideview Battle - Enemies on top of Actors

    Problem: I have some monsters who are moving close to your characters when attacking. Example: Spider jumping onto the actor (did that with yanflys action sequence plugins) The enemys body however always remains on a layer below the character, so it looks kind of stupid when that enemy...
  8. MV script for passability via regions

    I'm using the latest version of your plugin, I just downloaded it per rightclick on your link. Everything else is working. I can block regions, and the "Always on Top Passable"  parameter even makes impassable tiles passable... It's just that my character get's shown on top instead of below...
  9. Walk Behind Buildings/Walls

    ksjp17: Scripts like that are what I was talking about, but there isn't anything like that written for MV yet :( Euphony: I'll go ahead and try that then, thank you. Doing that for every single Building or Wall I wanna use will be a huge pain, though.  I think it's pretty strange that...
  10. Walk Behind Buildings/Walls

    As stated above, this is the problem. The middle Parts don't exist seperately, they only get added while autotiling... or am I just missing something?
  11. Walk Behind Buildings/Walls

    Well I never had to do it like that so I might be missing something but I'll explain my problem with this Screenshot. So FOR EXAMPLE right here I used the default (I think) Outdoor_A3 and put it in E. If I, for example, wanted to be able to walk behind the entire Roof area I'd need 3 rows...
  12. Walk Behind Buildings/Walls

    So first of I know about the * but just copying outdoor- or building-tiles into B,C... and set them to * doesn't work because of how those tiles are made. I also know about parallax mapping but that seems like a total overkill in terms of work for such a basic thing. What I want is simply...
  13. MV script for passability via regions

    Alright, so I actually just copied it from my Browser and made a Typo while typing out the name, my bad but thanks for the help :) It "works" now but not really like I'd expected it to work. I did what I thought would let the player walk behind the wall tiles marked with "3" but instead I...
  14. MV script for passability via regions

    So I was really searching for a script like that in MV for a while now, thanks. Problem is... well, both Versions of the Script don't to anything for me. I can import them and use the Settings, no problem, they just don't do anything. Is it possible it's not working because I'm currently...
  15. Help Gamewindow width

    So I'm pretty much a rpg maker noob and for a while now when i start my game the window gets a little wider right after it starts (different resoultion) and i have no idea why it does that. I didn't have a problem with that until now but i can't get some light scripts to work now since the...

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