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  • My next game will begin in a village. A young kid wakes up. He has a friend. He has a sword. He wants to be a hero and save the world from the evil demons. You walk around the village. Father tells that there is a visitor coming. The visitor is the demon king, for he owns the village. Demon king walks to the center of the village. He thinks humans are disgusting. Hero kid stays silent. Father offers the demon king the taxes, as usual. Demon king cuts father. The kid takes him home. Father gives the kid the secret, powerful family sword. Tells the kid he has to save the village and the world. Dies. Mother tells that the kid should leave village. The demon king orders the village to be destroyed and the people killed. Houses burn. Villagers slaughtered. Mother dies so that the kid can escape. Kid runs from the village. Demons run after him. They are right behind him. The kid trips. The demons kill the kid. The demons burn the corpses in the village center.

    Prologue ends. The game begins.
    That's really nice because how unexpected it is. Usually, you would imagine the kid to survive but that... that surely would come as a shock for first players :)
    Sleepy Kitten Games
    Sleepy Kitten Games
    I'd play that.
    Lauri J. Ajanki
    Lauri J. Ajanki
    I'm going to be the George R. R. Martin of rpg maker. :)
    Just published  my game Path to Demonrealm (the name remains the same) on Game Jolt!

    Hopefully people there will like it! Maybe even tip me, so I can buy some cool indie games. :D
    "Path to Demonrealm" is kinda generic name for a rpg. But I can't think anything better. Demonrealm itself is something that hasn't been used, except in dragon ball. Maybe I'll change the name.. But to what? 

    Demonrealm Trail?

    Evil Ventures?

    Demonrealm havens?

    Hostile Place Fight with Sword and Spear... ok maybe not that one.
    Path to Nowhere, Havenrealm, those both work, but we would need more info to brainstorm more names.

    But honestly, don´t get caught up with name right now. Just work on the game. It´s name will come to you naturally.
    How about just Demonrealm? I like titles that are nice and simple.
    Lauri J. Ajanki
    Lauri J. Ajanki
    @liandersonThe game is complete and posted here on the forums. I will soon release the greatly improved version, it just needs to be tested for bugs one last time.  I'm pleased with everything except the name.

    @mlogan You know, you just might be on to something. I, too, prefer things simple.
    Putting a game online is like opening a shop: patiently waiting, hoping for the customers to find you.

    Or serving a meal for strangers. You really want to hear how they like the dish.
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I tried a new thing.

Another night, another game dev stream in about 20 minutes or so.

I've been busy. Warming up so I don't forget how to draw.
I'd make a joke about the post office, but I'm afraid you won't get it.
I've been on a really good streak lately of working on my game for at least a little bit each day. Even if I only complete one small task, it is still a much better pace than what I was maintaining previously!

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