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    Sharp Text [MZ + MV]

    I encountered the same issue. After doing some digging, it appears to be caused by empty or missing text. I solved the issue by adding this code at the beginning of the "Bitmap.prototype.getUnbluredImageData" function: if (isNaN(width) || isNaN(height)) { return new ImageData(1, 1); }...
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    Orange Mapshot

    If you're in Chrome, instead of opening the link, right-click and choose "save as," and then save the file as the default name. I got the plugin to work in MZ by replacing all instances of "this.bitmaps" with "this._bitmaps" (just adding an underscore).
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    LunaSense - RPGMakerMV/MZ Intellisense

    You are a hero. For the record, I'm using Visual Studio instead of VSCode and your intellisense file still works perfectly. Thanks a bunch!
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    Quick question about the cursor/select box

    You can change the appearance by using a different windowskin or by editing the windowskin yourself. It's the file called "Window" in your project's img/system folder. The choice outline part will be a gold square towards the middle-right.
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    Cyclone Movement for MZ and MV

    I'm getting the same error. The console points to line 1865 in the Cyclone-Movement script ( $, ...args); ). Outputting this.centerX to console before that line shows that centerX is returning NaN.
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    BlueFlame's MV gallery

    The character on the left (under "character art") reminds me of Markiplier! :uswt:
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    i deleted a bunch of stuff in the database i know i have this error. HELP!!

    Same thing happened to me. Notice that the "Game_Actor" can't find the "expParams." This told me that one of the loaded characters couldn't properly load some sort of experience parameter, which I guessed had something to do with the experience curve stored in the character's class. Well, I'd...

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